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D-Fused Sounds Monstalgic
New -44 %
Brand: D-Fused Sounds Model: DFSMonstalgic
Unleash your creativity with Monstalgic, our new and inspiring production-ready soundset for Minimonsta2! D-Fused Sounds are proud to release "Monstalgic", a slick selection of 60 presets for the new and awesome Minimonsta 2 from GForce Software.Monstalgic offers a wide spectrum of tones, from ..
10.00€ 18.00€
Xhun Audio IronAxe
-50 %
Brand: Xhun Audio Model: XhunIronAx
Physical Modeled Electric GuitarIronAxe is a high-end Physical Modeling simulation of one of the most popular and loved electro-acoustic instruments of all time : the Electric Guitar.The result of many years of research and development, IronAxe reaches all the authentic beauty and expressivity of a ..
59.00€ 119.00€
Xhun Audio KickBeat
-78 %
Brand: Xhun Audio Model: XhunKB
Hybrid bass drum synthesizer.KickBeat is a powerful, compact and easy to use hybrid electronic bass drum generator / synthesizer. At its heart KickBeat makes use of genuine 16-bit integer precision digital synthesis techniques (widely used on late-90s hardware devices) together with an analogue..
9.00€ 40.00€
Xhun Audio LittleOne
-51 %
Brand: Xhun Audio Model: XhunLitOn
Virtual Analog SynthesizerLittleOne is a faithful software emulation of one of the most legendary and appreciated hardware analog synthesizers, compact in design but also extremely powerful and expressive.In addition to an accurate re-creation of the original signal path, every single component insi..
49.00€ 99.00€
Xhun Audio ShineVerb
-55 %
Brand: Xhun Audio Model: XhunShiVrb
Creative Reverb ProcessorShineVerb is a creative tool specially designed for reverberation, spatialization and sound coloration purposes. This multi-device effects processor is composed by a set of modeled analogue gears and digital devices, arranged inside a rack-mount cabinet and accessible throug..
29.00€ 65.00€
Xhun Audio WindChant
-53 %
Brand: Xhun Audio Model: XhunWChant
Sound Effects Generator Plugin WindChant is a procedural audio simulation of the fluid dynamics underlying the natural wind action.Naturally born for music, live events, film, tv and entertainment productions, WindChant is based on a complex and powerful stochastic engine - it does not use samp..
19.00€ 40.00€
Xhun Audio ZeroBox
-61 %
Brand: Xhun Audio Model: XhunZeroBox
The Silver Voodoo BoxZeroBox is an accurate analogue modeling simulation of a legendary, iconic, sequencer-driven bassline synthesizer that defined an era.In addition to a meticulous replica of both the signal path and the physics of each of the electronic components found inside the original device..
39.00€ 99.00€
Antares Auto-Tune EFX
New -44 %
Brand: Antares Model: AntaresAtEfx
Multi-effects rack. Auto-Tune EFX+ is a versatile new vocal production tool, which combines the core features of Auto-Tune with the powerful Auto-EFX multi-effects rack, and Auto-Motion pitch-shifting melodic pattern generator. It includes professional quality Auto-Tune pitch correction with lo..
129.00€ 229.00€
Antares Harmony Engine EVO
New -55 %
Brand: Antares Model: AntaresHarm
Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator.  Harmony Engine is a real-time harmony generating plug-in that lets you produce professional quality harmony arrangements from a single vocal or monophonic instrument track. Whether you’re an experienced arranger, a songwriter looking for the perfect backu..
129.00€ 289.00€
Audiomodern Chordjam
New -41 %
Brand: Audiomodern Model: AuModCjam
The Ultimate Real-time Compositional Assistant.  Chordjam is an innovative plug-in and standalone application that builds chords and progression patterns through intuitive user-guided randomisation."Create unique and complex chord structures and infinitely evolving progressions !"Users may choo..
29.00€ 49.00€
Audiomodern Complete Suite Audiomodern Complete Suite
New -47 %
Brand: Audiomodern Model: AuModCom
Audiomodern's full Suite of Creative Audio & MIDI plugins.Combining advance technology and artistic sensibility it allows musicians, artists, and producer to push their creative boundaries and deliver innovative results. These products will provide endless inspiration for your next music pr..
95.00€ 179.00€
Audiomodern Loopmix
New -35 %
Brand: Audiomodern Model: AuModLpRmx
Creative Loop Remixer Loopmix makes it fun and easy to instantly remix and rearrange your audio loops!It offers up an array of devices and processors that slice, dice, rearrange, pitch, reverse and remix loops in a truly innovative way.Load up to 6 loops and let Loopmix generate infinite loop v..
45.00€ 69.00€
Audiomodern Playbeat 3 Audiomodern Playbeat 3
New -35 %
Brand: Audiomodern Model: AuModPlay
World Smartest Groove Machine.Playbeat 3 creates infinite variations of grooves whilst staying true to its sense of creativity, inspiration, and momentum.Unlike other groove creators that are limited to one specific algorithm, Playbeat innovates by using advanced analysis algorithms to create or rem..
45.00€ 69.00€
Audiomodern Riffer
New -41 %
Brand: Audiomodern Model: AuModRiff
The Smart MIDI Tool To Generate Riffs.  Introducing 'Riffer', a smart MIDI tool that generates musical riffs and sequences by combining pitch, duration, velocity & density. It can generate endless random riffs.You can generate fresh ideas, sequences, melodies, riffs and musical patterns, tu..
29.00€ 49.00€
Boz Digital Labs ReCoil
-81 %
Brand: Boz Digital Labs Model: BozRecoil
ReCoil gives you the authentic sound of real spring reverbs without the hassle, noiseor limitations.Spring reverbs have always had a bit of a sketchy reputation in the music world.What makes ReCoil special?Tweakability: What’s the point of a plugin if you can’t tweak it? ReCoil lets you choose which..
19.00€ 99.00€
Cherry Audio CA2600 Synthesizer
-36 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CAC2600
A Classic, Reimagined.The Cherry Audio CA2600 is a powerful, self-contained duophonic synthesizer inspired by the groundbreaking ARP 2600 synthesizer. Every aspect of the original, from the quirky oscillator waves, to the powerful ladder filter, to the external audio input and preamp section was mod..
25.00€ 39.00€
Cherry Audio DCO-106 Polyphonic Synth
-36 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CADCO06
Discover the Iconic Sound.Recreating the sound of a classic synthesizer is no easy task. DCO-106 lovingly recreates the unique sonic footprint of one of the most iconic 80’s polysynths in exhaustive detail, while adding modern features for massively expanded creativity. The DCO-106 is both easy..
25.00€ 39.00€
Cherry Audio Dreamsynth Synthesizer
-34 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CherDream
Cherry Audio's Dreamsynth is a tribute to the celebrated hybrid analog+digital synthesizers of the mid-to-late 1980s. The innovative design blends flexible dual-wave morphing oscillators, stereo filters, fully polyphonic analog strings, extensive and easy-to-use modulation, studio-quality effects, a..
39.00€ 59.00€
Cherry Audio Eight Voice
-41 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CherEight
Our most ambitious instrument to date, Cherry Audio’s Eight Voice polyphonic synthesizer meticulously emulates the immense sound of the Oberheim Eight Voice, one of the world’s rarest and most desirable vintage instruments. Predating modern microprocessor control, its eight independent dual-oscillat..
29.00€ 49.00€
Cherry Audio Elka-X Synthesizer
-34 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CherElka
The Cherry Audio Elka-X synthesizer is based upon the legendary Synthex, a rare Italian analog synthesizer designed by Mario Maggi and manufactured by ELKA in the early eighties. Elka-X replicates the extraordinary character of the original synth without compromising sound or functionality, thoughtf..
39.00€ 59.00€
Cherry Audio Galactic Reverb
-34 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CherGala
Strange New Worlds.Galactic Reverb is an algorithmic reverb plugin that captures the expansive sound of coveted classic hardware digital reverbs. With a decay time up to 35 seconds, it enables users to create massive, beautiful aural spaces. Galactic is a natural for transporting guitars, drums, key..
19.00€ 29.00€
Cherry Audio GX-80 Synthesizer
-25 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CherGS80
GX-80 is a transformative virtual synthesizer that combines the unparalleled sound and features of the fabled GX-1 “Dream Machine” and its renowned descendant the CS-80, to create a powerhouse hybrid. Featuring the carefully crafted and intensely circuit-modeled DSP designs of aw..
59.00€ 79.00€
Cherry Audio Lowdown Bass Synthesizer
-36 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CALowD
The Lowdown Bass Synthesizer recreates the super-fat, room-rattling sounds of the most legendary dual-oscillator bass pedal synth ever made. Heard on countless prog-rock and new wave tracks in the 70s and 80s, this floor pedal monster comes to the desktop for the very first time. From the dual “cons..
25.00€ 39.00€
Cherry Audio Memorymode Synthesizer
-34 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CherMemory
Memorymode is based upon one of the very best-sounding polyphonic programmable analog synthesizers of the 80s - the legendary Memorymoog synthesizer. Released in 1982, the Memorymoog raised the sonic bar with its lush, powerful analog sound. Memorymode was expertly modeled upon a vintage Memorymoog ..
39.00€ 59.00€
Cherry Audio Mercury-4
-34 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CherMercur
Originally released in 1978, the Roland Jupiter-4 synthesizer was one of the earliest instruments to combine voice-assign polyphony with digital patch storage - that is, the ability to store and recall sounds to a digital memory and recall them at the touch of a button. By "voice-assign polyphony,” ..
39.00€ 59.00€
Cherry Audio Mercury-6
-29 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CherMerc6
Mercury-6 is a meticulous recreation of the Jupiter-6 analog synthesizer, just in time for its 40th anniversary! Sandwiched between the earlier Jupiter-4 and Jupiter-8 models in name only, the sophisticated Jupiter-6 has sometimes been considered a sleeper release. These days, it has persevered to b..
49.00€ 69.00€
Cherry Audio Miniverse Synthesizer
-34 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CherMNvrs
Miniverse is a painstaking virtual emulation of the granddaddy of all portable synthesizers, the legendary Minimoog Model D®. Introduced in 1971,  no other instrument is more associated with the word "synthesizer" than the iconic Minimoog - it's perhaps the best-known and loved analog synthesiz..
39.00€ 59.00€
Cherry Audio Polymode Synthesizer
-41 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CherPolyM
The Massive Poly Sound Machine: A goliath of sound. Polymode Synthesizer is inspired by the groundbreaking Moog Polymoog synthesizer. One of the world’s first polyphonic synthesizers, its unique multiple parallel filter implementation and mod routings give it a sound like no other synth. And th..
29.00€ 49.00€
Cherry Audio PS-20 Polyphonic Synthesizer
-41 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CherPS20
PS-20 is an ultra-realistic, polyphonic, hot-rodded tribute to Korg's renowned MS-20. First and foremost, PS-20's dual highpass/lowpass filters super accurately recreate the MS-20's famous raunchy sound in all of its squelchy, screaming glory. In addition to its unique filters, the MS-20’s other sig..
29.00€ 49.00€
Cherry Audio Quadra
-34 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CherQuadr
The Cherry Audio Quadra is a super-accurate and immensely improved emulation of the ARP Quadra synthesizer, originally released in 1978 - a rare and coveted “unicorn” instrument in the synthesizer world, reproduced for the first time as a virtual instrument. We've addressed the original Quadra'..
39.00€ 59.00€
Cherry Audio Rackmode Signal Processors
-23 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CherRackmod
Rackmode Signal Processors is a bundle of seven virtual effects and an instrument plugin that replicate the classic rack-mounted Moog Signal Processors of the 1970s and ‘80s. This exclusive collection is the first time this entire line of renowned analog treasures has been recreated as virtual effec..
99.00€ 129.00€
Cherry Audio Sines Synthesizer
-34 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CherSine
Dangerous Curves AheadSines is a sensational and innovative original polyphonic synthesizer. Employing four sine-wave oscillators, Sines utilizes diverse waveshaping methods to bend these pure waveforms into infinitely variable and complex shapes. When combined with its wide-ranging modulation ..
39.00€ 59.00€
Cherry Audio Stardust 201 Tape Echo Cherry Audio Stardust 201 Tape Echo
-34 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CherStaDu
Echoes Of The Past.Stardust 201 Tape Echo is a hot-rodded interpretation of the classic Roland "Space Echo" tape echo effects of the 70s and 80s. Compared to earlier tape echoes, they represented a giant leap in reliability and sound quality. With solidly built tape-transport mechanisms and the incl..
19.00€ 29.00€
Cherry Audio Synth Stack 3
-25 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CherSynStak2
Synth Stack 2 assembles ten of Cherry Audio's virtual instruments at an astoundingly affordable price, including the Voltage Modular Core + Electro Drums package, DCO-106, CA2600, Surrealistic MG-1 Plus, Polymode, Eight Voice, PS-20, Memorymode, Mercury-4, and the stunning new Quadra. Includes nine ..
299.00€ 399.00€
Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Core + Electro Drums
New -49 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CherCoreDrums
Cherry Audio is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of Voltage Modular! This truly massive new release is completely FREE for all Voltage Modular users, and brings innovative new features, workflow improvements, and new sonic possibilities to the realm of software modular synthesis. ..
50.00€ 99.00€
Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Ignite
New -75 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CherIgnite
A smaller bundle for a smaller price!Ignite includes the following modules:AmplifierArpeggiator    Bandpass FilterBend LimiterBlank 6hp - BlackBlank 6hp - WhiteBoolean LogicClock DividerCompressCrossfadeDC SourceDelayDistortionDrum Highpass/LowpassDrum OscillatorDual VU MeterEight Ste..
25.00€ 100.00€
Cherry Audio Year One Collection
New -65 %
Brand: Cherry Audio Model: CherYear1
The Year One Collection includes all 19 commercial modules that Cherry Audio released in Voltage Modular's first year. These stellar and innovative modules let you warp and shape your modular sound in crazy new ways.The Year One Collection includes Additive Oscillator, ESP-20 Processor, Hex Phaser, ..
99.00€ 280.00€
D-Fused Sounds Infinite Beats Bundle
Hot -57 %
Brand: D-Fused Sounds Model: DFS168
Get "Infinite Beats: 5 Expansions for XO" with up to 57% of discount and find your signature beat in the vast number of combinations you will get with this bundle! This collections includes a total of 180 presets and 1048 one shot samples (kicks, sounds, fx, claps, snares, toms...) perfect..
64.99€ 149.42€
D-Fused Sounds Infinite Color Bundle
Hot -59 %
Brand: D-Fused Sounds Model: DFS174
Infinite Color Bundle  features 5 preset packs for RC-20 RetroColor in a unique package, an extra-large collection loaded with 223 presets to cover all of your needs: from distortion, lo-fi, flutting,  flanging and chorusing effects , you'll get a palette of infinite colors for a..
31.99€ 77.09€
D-Fused Sounds Omnisphere 6x1 BUNDLE
Hot -90 %
Brand: D-Fused Sounds Model: DFS158
D-Fused Sounds are proud to release “Omnisphere 6x1 Bundle", an amazing collection of 6 of our freshest Omnisphere Banks with a little bit of everything for everyone: from trappy keys to synthwave leads and techno basses, we are sure you will find these sounds a great resource for your musical ..
21.91€ 219.10€
D-Fused Sounds Sold Out: Presets Bundle 2021
-90 %
Brand: D-Fused Sounds Model: DFS146
D-Fused Sounds are proud to present "Sold Out:Presets Bundle 2021", a gigantic collection of over 1800 total files including preset  for some of the best plugins, MIDI, Loops and One Shot ideal for recreating the latest sounds of electronic Music from Lo-Fi,Pop andTrap to Synthwave, Trance and ..
33.28€ 332.80€
D-Fused Sounds Tech & House Bundle
Hot -83 %
Brand: D-Fused Sounds Model: DFSFLSH
D-Fused Sounds are proud to release 'Tech & House Bundle', a collection of six sample packs containing all the elements needed to design and sculpt your house or tech-house productions: from hypnotic melodies and beefy basslines to powered drums and stunning SFX, this bundle offer you ..
15.00€ 89.74€
DAG Alliance Fire Strings
-60 %
Brand: DAG Alliance Model: DAGString
Ignite Your CreativityFire Strings will ignite your creativity with 6GB of custom recorded sounds inside an extremely powerful engine powered by Native instruments Kontakt sampler.Fire Strings is a hybrid, scoring and music production tool for cinematic composers and producers. The library consists ..
41.20€ 102.50€
David Forner El Dorado: Legato Ambient Guitar
-39 %
Brand: David Forner Model: FornAmbG
El Dorado: Legato Ambient Guitar has been created with the idea of achieving a realistic and expressive legato without compromising its playability in order to make it as inspiring as possible. The library is also accompanied by pads and sustains to immerse yourself in the ambient/post-rock aestheti..
47.80€ 77.80€
David Forner El Dorado: Legato Bowed Guitar
-39 %
Brand: David Forner Model: FornBowG
El Dorado: Legato Bowed Guitar is focused on capturing the most lyrical part of the Ebow applied to an electric guitar.The result is an inspiring, expressive and fun-to-use tool that will give you hyper-realistic results and, thanks to its combination of pads and legato, will make you not want to ta..
47.80€ 77.80€
-40 %
Brand: DDMF Model: DDGrandEQ
GrandEQ mastering equalizer with highly accurate analog frequency and phase response.GrandEQ represents the latest state of the art in digital equalizer design. It offers a "minimum phase" and a "linear phase" mode. In "minimum phase" mode, both the amplitude and the phase response follow the desire..
83.00€ 139.00€
Divergent Audio Group Chordscape
-57 %
Brand: Dag Model: DAGchosca
Soundscape Tapeloop SequencerChordscape is an ambient infinite tape playback machine designed to create evolving modulated dark ambient soundscapes but can be used for all sorts of different sound design scenarios.Chordscape is now at Version 1.2 with many new features and snapshots included. Update..
11.80€ 27.69€
Divergent Audio Group Fameboy
-59 %
Brand: DAG Alliance Model: DAGFamBoy
Fameboy is an awesome little instrument that fulfills all your nasty lo-fi drum desires.FAMEBOY is a classic drum synthesiser propelled into the modern age for the professional music producers of today.  Featuring original samples fused with cutting-edge technology, advanced sequencing and soun..
14.40€ 34.89€
Divergent Audio Group Helios
-57 %
Brand: Dag Model: DAGhelios
Advanced Textures, Pulses and AmbiencesHelios is an incredibly advanced instrument for Kontakt. Combine two sound sources and rhythmically swap between each sound or create rich evolving soundscapes with gradual modulation. Each channel has an additional 11 individual sequencers which can all be syn..
11.80€ 27.69€
Divergent Audio Group Invasors
-59 %
Brand: Dag Model: DAGInv
Raw to the CoreInvasors is an incredibly versatile analog-inspired synthesiser created for power-users, synth-heads, producers and sound-designers.128 WaveformsInvasors has 2 oscillators, each with 128 unique waveforms that can be combined in a variety of exciting new waysDynamic SequencerOur most a..
28.90€ 69.78€
EarMaster 1 Year All Access Pass
-41 %
Brand: Earmaster Model: EarMaster1yearAccess
The Complete EarMaster Training Tools for Mac, Windows and Mobile Devices.EarMaster is the perfect app to become a better musician. With 3500 exciting exercises for ear training, sight-singing practice, rhythm training and vocal training.EarMaster will enable you to reach the highest levels of music..
29.00€ 49.00€
Ergo Kukke Aleatoric
-68 %
Brand: Ergo Kukke Model: EKAl
“Aleatoric Metamorphic Movement” sets the new standard for multi-voiced textural Kontakt instruments. By making use of contemporary sound shaping methods, AMM brings gritty atmospheric sampling into the modern era. With freedom of expression being at the core of AMM’s qualities, translating a sounds..
18.30€ 57.20€
Ergo Kukke Aleatoric Keys
-72 %
Brand: Ergo Kukke Model: EKAK
Aleatoric Keys uses sounds from synthesizers and real life recordings and seamlessly morphs them together to form a new era of inspiring sounds. Sound categories include bass, keys & strings, synths, pads and FX, but the individual sounds cover most categories from natural wind instruments to sy..
19.90€ 71.20€
Ergo Kukke Aleatoric Rhythms
-68 %
Brand: Ergo Kukke Model: EKAR
Aleatoric Rhythms is a bold new instrument that uses sounds from synthesizers and real life recordings. Sounds vary from nasty bass riffs to sneaky and immersive percussion loops. Recorded with a portable studio microphone, the sounds were captured in real environments – the exact environments, some..
18.30€ 57.20€
Ergo Kukke Trails
-86 %
Brand: Ergo Kukke Model: EKT
Trails is a huge custom made collection of intense, dark and sometimes beautiful trailer sound effects, featuring the expert sound design skills of Ergo Kukke.Trails contains thousands of brand new designed sounds, from processed atmospherics and synthetic-based haunting risers, to fully host-synchr..
29.90€ 216.60€
Erica Synths Zen Delay Virtual Erica Synths Zen Delay Virtual
New -38 %
Brand: Erica Synths Model: ErikaZVD
After the phenomena of the hardware FX unit Zen Delay, its virtual successor is now available.ZDV is not simply a digital replica or replacement of the hardware, but an addition to it. Quite apart from the complete automation possibilities afforded by the DAW environment, ZDV brings several new func..
99.00€ 159.00€
Eventide Clockworks Bundle
New -60 %
Brand: Eventide Model: EventClockBndl
Classics Reinvented.In 1971, in a New York City basement, Eventide Clockworks revolutionized the audio industry by creating the world’s first studio effects processor–the Instant Phaser and pro audio’s first digital device, the Digital Delay Line. Over the course of the following decade, Eventide w..
199.00€ 499.00€
Eventide H910 Harmonizer® Eventide H910 Harmonizer®
-80 %
Brand: Eventide Model: EventideH910
The World's First Multi-Effects Processor. The H910 Harmonizer® was the world’s first digital effects processor. With its unique combinations of pitch shifting, modulation, and delay, the H910 can be heard on countless ground-breaking works by artists from AC/DC to David Bowie to Frank Zappa. S..
49.00€ 249.00€
Eventide H949 Harmonizer® Eventide H949 Harmonizer®
New -75 %
Brand: Eventide Model: EventideH949
De-Glitched Pitch Shifting with Unique Flange, Reverse & Random.  Building on the legacy of the H910 Harmonizer, the H949 was Eventide’s first de-glitched pitch shifter. Produced from 1979–1984, it introduced MicroPitch which used a proprietary single sideband modulation technique for ..
49.00€ 199.00€
Eventide Instant Flanger Mk II
New -78 %
Brand: Eventide Model: EventideInstaFlang
The World's First Studio Flanger. The Instant Flanger Mk II brings the great sound of vintage tape flanging to your plug-in toolbox. An authentic emulation of the original 1975 studio rackmount, the Instant Flanger was famously used on David Bowie’s “Ashes to Ashes” and Cyndi Lauper’s “Time Aft..
29.00€ 129.00€
Eventide Instant Phaser Mk II
New -78 %
Brand: Eventide Model: EventideInstaPhas
The World's First Studio Phaser. Released in 1972, the Eventide Instant Phaser began the studio effects revolution by successfully simulating tape flanging, an effect that’s been at the core of legendary albums for the last five decades. Modeled on the original hardware unit, the Instant Phaser..
29.00€ 129.00€
Eventide Omnipressor®
New -74 %
Brand: Eventide Model: EventideOmniP
Dynamics Processor with Attitude. Introduced in the early 1970s, the Omnipressor was the first dynamics effects processor of any kind. Originally invented by Eventide’s founder, Richard Factor (and later redesigned for production by John Paul), the Omnipresssor made a host of effects possible. ..
39.00€ 149.00€
Eventide SP2016 Reverb
New -80 %
Brand: Eventide Model: EventideSP2016
Reverb Time Machine. The SP2016 was the first programmable effects box available on the market. It introduced the concept of the ‘plug-in’ to the pro audio world back in 1982, with actual hardware chips that would be plugged in under the hood. Revered for its signature reverbs, the SP2016 was n..
49.00€ 249.00€
GForce impOSCar2
-69 %
Brand: GForce Software Model: GForImp2
THE MULTI-AWARD WINNING REIMAGINATION OF THE OSCAR® If you’re not familiar with the impOSCar then you’re in for a real treat. However, if you fell in love with it first time around, be prepared to fall in love all over again.impOSCar2 reimagines the UK-built 80s classic and soars to new sonic h..
39.99€ 129.99€
GForce M-Tron MkII
-20 %
Brand: GForce Software Model: GForTronM2
WELCOMING THE ORIGINAL 'TRON TO THE FAMILYThe GForce M-Tron MkII is a celebration of the insanely rare and highly coveted original dual manual ‘trons, namely the Mellotron® MkI/MkII and Chamberlin® Musicmaster.M-Tron MkII is a new and a separate product to M-Tron Pro. Whilst M-Tron Pro continues to ..
199.99€ 249.99€
Gforce M-Tron Pro
-50 %
Brand: GForce Software Model: GForMtrPro
The highly acclaimed and universally trusted emulation of the classic Mellotron®  GForce’s M-Tron Pro explores the legendary Mellotron M400, the tape-based keyboard heard on recordings by such artists as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Oasis, Trent Reznor, Trentemøller, AIR and Nils ..
64.99€ 129.99€
Gforce M-Tron Pro - Complete
-27 %
Brand: GForce Software Model: GForMtrProCompl
M-TRON PRO COMPLETE - THE HIGHLY ACCLAIMED M-TRON PRO BUNDLED WITH ALL THE EXPANSION PACKS.  M-Tron Pro Complete​ bundle includes the M-Tron Pro instrument with an additional 14 Expansion Packs (9 x Streetly Tapes, OrchesTron, ChamberTron, OptiTron, and Alex Ball and Hainbach – Artist Expa..
269.99€ 369.99€
GForce Minimonsta 2
-50 %
Brand: GForce Software Model: GForMMonsta2
Boldly going where no mini has gone before.When we first released it, the original Minimonsta gained heavy praise from fans and critics alike for providing an extraordinarily accurate sonic replication of the legendary Model D®. But it went much further, augmenting the simplicity of the original des..
64.99€ 129.99€
Gforce Oberheim - The Bundle Gforce Oberheim - The Bundle
-30 %
Brand: GForce Software Model: GForObBund
ICONIC OBERHEIM SYNTHS USED BY COUNTLESS LEGENDARY MUSICIANS. Here at GForce, we’ve painstakingly emulated every section of the Oberheim OB-E and Oberheim SEM to ensure sonic authenticity, right down to the analog inaccuracies of the original hardware instruments thus blurring the lines between..
149.99€ 215.00€
GForce Oberheim OB-E
-40 %
Brand: GForce Software Model: GForObe
AN OCTAPHONIC SONIC ADVENTURE WITH THE OBERHEIM 8 VOICE. The Oberheim OB-E is our take on the legendary Oberheim® 8-Voice and the first software instrument ever to receive Tom Oberheim’s personal endorsement.More than just an emulation, the OB-E offers a unique musical experience. Sounding HUGE..
119.99€ 199.99€
Gforce Oberheim SEM Gforce Oberheim SEM
-33 %
Brand: GForce Software Model: GForSem
THE OBERHEIM SEM – A SIMPLE MONOPHONIC SYNTH WITH A HUGE SOUND When Tom Oberheim created the first Oberheim® Synthesizer Expander Module (model SEM-1) in 1974, he had one goal – to make a synth that sounded great, whilst being extremely simple to use. In the decades since the release of this ic..
39.99€ 59.99€
GForce Oddity3
-50 %
Brand: GForce Software Model: GForOdd3
3rd generation of Odysseys transported into a new dimensionWhen the original GForce Oddity was released all the way back in 2002, it was heavily praised by fans and critics alike for its incredibly accurate representation of the revered ARP® Odyssey, with some notable users even calling it their des..
64.99€ 129.99€