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Brand: TrainYourEars Model: TrainEq2
Take your ears to the next levelTrainYourEars EQ Edition 2 is an ear training software for Mac and PC designed to help you understand equali..
Brand: Blue Cat Audio Model: BCAFaderHub
Peer-to-peer network mixing and streaming console.Blue Cat's Fader Hub is a network mixing and streaming software that provides an easy solution to pl..
Brand: Celemony Model: CelemonySt5UpEdtr
How you want to work with audio today. Melodyne 5 studio is the complete Melodyne, with all Melodyne’s unique functions and possibilities. For profess..
Brand: Mycrazything Sounds Model: MycrazyExtraTechno2
Extra Techno Vol.2 by Mycrazything Sounds is a world-class selection of sounds, beats, melodic ideas aimed at underground techno and Tech ho..
Brand: Cartel Loops Model: CartelDream
'Dreamchaser' by Cartel Loops features the most innovative  Trap and Hip-Hop sounds with 242 Loops, 85 One-Shots and 52 MIDI Files inspired by ar..
Brand: Quiet Art Model: QAdef
Now with loudness detection!Defaulter is the Pro Tools clip gain normalizing plugin. It is a perfect companion for WaveRider, and an excellent additio..
Ear Candy Flavory Bundle
New -17 %
Brand: Ear Candy Technologies Model: EarBundle
Bundle of Ear Candy products.WHAT IS GUMMY GROOVE?Gummy Groove is your ultimate Chorus plugin, designed to enrich your vocals, add depth to instrument..
49.99€ 59.99€
Brand: Inspired Acoustics Model: InsNDB
Notre Dame de Budapest (NDB) Pipe Organ Samples is a comprehensive legendary sound sample library containing original, real pipe organ sounds from sym..
Brand: Zplane Model: ZplRet
Real-time Multi-pitch ModificationreTune gives you full access to the pitch content of your audio samples and enables you to map each input pitch to a..
Brand: XILS-lab Model: XILKaox
Legendary FM Synth emulation with 8 operators Two layers, Four effects, Easy to tweakReinforced by Analog Oscillators and Filters and Sublimated by Ch..
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