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Brand: Tek'it Audio Model: TekDigitD
High quality overdrive distortion.DigitD creates soft to extreme distortion helped by the "Drive" control to add up to 100dB of overdrive. Especially ..
Brand: Metric Halo Model: MetStrip3
Console style channel strip audio processor ChannelStrip is the recognized leader in console style channel strip audio processing for digital aud..
Brand: Antares Model: AntaresVocEQ
Includes One year of Auto-Tune Producer for FREE.Auto-Tune Vocal EQ is the only dynamic equalizer with patented Auto-Tune pitch tracking technolo..
Sampleson Akoustic
-51 %
Brand: Sampleson Model: SampAKou
A new approach to sound design. We created spectrums for acoustic instruments to be accessed via additive synthesis. Akoustic gives you a very precise..
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Brand: Acon Digital Model: AconMasterSuite
Contains 5 audio mastering plug-ins.   Acon Digital Mastering Suite consists of five plug-ins for audio mastering that were designed fo..
Brand: Air Music Tech Model: AirStagePiano
A Naturally Expressive Piano Instrument Plug-in.  Stage Piano includes multi-layer sample sets collected from the world’s most impressive ac..
Brand: Synth Magic Model: SynthCrum
This Kontakt instrument is based on the Crumar Roady analogue electric piano, bass and vibes keyboard.There are 2 main sets of samples consisting of: ..
Brand: Sampleson Model: SampAlien
Cinematic Sci-Fi Instrument with Mouse Gesture.ALIENIZE uses the mouse position over the screen to create and modulate sounds on the go, and also to p..
Brand: Bogren Digital Model: MadsenIrKemper
Tue Madsen is a Danish producer and owner of Antfarm Studios is well known for this work with some of the biggest bands in the world including Meshugg..
Brand: Waves Model: WavAbbj37
Waves and Abbey Road Studios present the J37 tape saturation plugin, a precision model of the very machine used to record many of the greatest masterp..
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