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Brand: Flux Model: FLXAlchem3
A Powerful Dynamics Processor.Designed with professional mastering and re-mastering applications in mind, the intricate design, superior workflow, and sound perfection, makes Alchemist tailored for the high demands of today’s music and pro-audio industry.Alchemist is the ultimate dynamic processing ..
Brand: Flux Model: FLXAnEss
An Analyzer that lets you See What You Feel.FLUX:: Analyzer Essentials is a stand-alone application taking its audio samples from ASIO and Core Audio hardware I/O or via the SampleGrabber plugin for simple integration with DAWs and Digital Mixing Consoles.This is the next generation real-time analyz..
Brand: Flux Model: FLXAnLive
The Complete Live RTA Solution.The Flux Analyzer Live Option provides the elements needed to assist the sound ingineer in charge of the live event. It takes care of speaker array calibration tasks, a delay finder, level, meter, transfer function magnitude, phase and coherence spectra, impulse respon..
Brand: Flux Model: FLXAnMulti
The Next Generation Multichannel Analyzer.The Multichannel and Surround add-on module provides a vast range of measurement tools for comprehensive analysis of multichannel audio environments. This option introduces FLUX:: Nebula | Surround, a unique and innovative real-time visualization of the audi..
Brand: Flux Model: FLXSEAn
The lite version of the Flux Analyzer FLUX:: Session Analyzer is a stand-alone application taking its audio samples from ASIO and Core Audio hardware I/O or via the SampleGrabber plugin for simple integration with DAWs and Digital Mixing Consoles.This is the next generation real-time analy..
Brand: Flux Model: FLXBitterPro
BitterSweet Pro is the result of the improved algorithms found in Flux’s acclaimed transient processor freeware (BitterSweet), that has been used by hundreds of thousands of users all over the world. One of the main features of BitterSweet Pro is the Frequency Dependent Transient algorithm that..
Brand: Flux Model: FLXElixirEss
Multichannel True Peak Limiter Elixir Essential is built upon the same algorithm as the legacy Elixir v3. It was meticulously designed to achieve a natural sounding result preserving the natural timbre of the audio material. This product line has been used by recording and mastering engineers f..
Brand: Flux Model: FLXEpure
State-Of-The-Art Equalizer.Epure v3 is a state-of-the-art five-band equalizer designed to provide the absolute finest audio quality within the domain of digital audio processing.It was carefully tuned to preserve the optimal signal to noise ratio independent of the parameter settings. This is a cutt..
Brand: Flux Model: FLXEvoSerie
The Ultimate Channel Strip RedefinedThe essential element of all analog consoles is the Channel Strip and the philosophy behind it is to be able to be efficient, fast, and making things sound great already from the start. When Flux designed the EVO Channel they wanted it to be as efficient and as fa..
Brand: Flux Model: FLXImmEss
The Ultimate Immersive Mixing Toolbox. The Immersive:: Essentials plugin bundle provides three powerful processing tools for immersive mixing and content production.They now include support for Dolby Atmos workflows. The plug-ins meets the current requirements of a new exciting era in audio pro..
Brand: Flux Model: FLXIHear3
Binaural Encoding Tool.HEar provides faithful reproduction of a stereo or surround mix with a pair of conventional stereo headphones. It relies on proven technology to model the various phenomenons that occur when playing back audio material through a loudspeaker system.This allows monitoring a full..
Brand: Flux Model: FLXTRAX
The Next Generation Voice and Sonic Processing Tools.A suite of three ingenious processors using pioneering technology developed during the last decades by the sound analysis/synthesis team at IRCAM, with innovative signal transformation algorithms for altering sound characteristics such as pitch, s..
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