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Pitch Innovations

Brand: Pitch Innovations Model: PitchBundl
The Ultimate Music Expression Ecosystem. Get the complete catalogue from award winning plugin developers Pitch Innovations, and take your music productions to the next level!What's included? Fluid Pitch - Fluid Pitch is a multiple award winning plugin that locks your pitch bend wheel to your ch..
Brand: Pitch Innovations Model: PitchInn
The Ultimate Chord Bending System.Fluid Chords is an intelligent chord bending plug-in that allows you to bend from any chord to any chord. It is a powerful tool that uses MPE technology to create music that’s never been heard before. Fluid Chords aims to push music making in any genre forward by gi..
Brand: Pitch Innovations Model: PitchInnPit
A MIDI plugin with Smarter Pitch bend Wheel + the Micro Tuning Edge + MPE Capabilities. Fluid Pitch is an innovative next-generation MIDI Pitch bend system for all musicians using any standard MIDI keyboard. Give your MIDI keyboard a Smarter Pitch bend Wheel + the Micro Tuning Edge + MPE capabi..
Brand: Pitch Innovations Model: PitchInnGrvShp
Your one-of-a-kind creative sequencer for instant, inspired rhythms! Effortlessly craft Hi-Hats, Basslines, Short String Motifs and more with just a single note. Break free from creative blocks and super-charge your music production today.Rhythm through ShapesEnjoy a fun new approach to musiccr..
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