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D-Fused Sounds Monstalgic
New -44 %
Brand: D-Fused Sounds Model: DFSMonstalgic
Unleash your creativity with Monstalgic, our new and inspiring production-ready soundset for Minimonsta2! D-Fused Sounds are proud to release "Monstalgic", a slick selection of 60 presets for the new and awesome Minimonsta 2 from GForce Software.Monstalgic offers a wide spectrum of tones, from ..
10.00€ 18.00€
Xhun Audio IronAxe
-50 %
Brand: Xhun Audio Model: XhunIronAx
Physical Modeled Electric GuitarIronAxe is a high-end Physical Modeling simulation of one of the most popular and loved electro-acoustic instruments of all time : the Electric Guitar.The result of many years of research and development, IronAxe reaches all the authentic beauty and expressivity of a ..
59.00€ 119.00€
Xhun Audio KickBeat
-78 %
Brand: Xhun Audio Model: XhunKB
Hybrid bass drum synthesizer.KickBeat is a powerful, compact and easy to use hybrid electronic bass drum generator / synthesizer. At its heart KickBeat makes use of genuine 16-bit integer precision digital synthesis techniques (widely used on late-90s hardware devices) together with an analogue..
9.00€ 40.00€
Xhun Audio LittleOne
-51 %
Brand: Xhun Audio Model: XhunLitOn
Virtual Analog SynthesizerLittleOne is a faithful software emulation of one of the most legendary and appreciated hardware analog synthesizers, compact in design but also extremely powerful and expressive.In addition to an accurate re-creation of the original signal path, every single component insi..
49.00€ 99.00€
Xhun Audio ShineVerb
-55 %
Brand: Xhun Audio Model: XhunShiVrb
Creative Reverb ProcessorShineVerb is a creative tool specially designed for reverberation, spatialization and sound coloration purposes. This multi-device effects processor is composed by a set of modeled analogue gears and digital devices, arranged inside a rack-mount cabinet and accessible throug..
29.00€ 65.00€
Xhun Audio WindChant
-53 %
Brand: Xhun Audio Model: XhunWChant
Sound Effects Generator Plugin WindChant is a procedural audio simulation of the fluid dynamics underlying the natural wind action.Naturally born for music, live events, film, tv and entertainment productions, WindChant is based on a complex and powerful stochastic engine - it does not use samp..
19.00€ 40.00€
Xhun Audio ZeroBox
-61 %
Brand: Xhun Audio Model: XhunZeroBox
The Silver Voodoo BoxZeroBox is an accurate analogue modeling simulation of a legendary, iconic, sequencer-driven bassline synthesizer that defined an era.In addition to a meticulous replica of both the signal path and the physics of each of the electronic components found inside the original device..
39.00€ 99.00€
Air Music Tech Electric
-78 %
Brand: Air Music Tech Model: AirElect
Your new reference electric pianoAIR Electric plugin is your new complete electric piano collection. Choose from a comprehensive array of legendary keyboards like Rhodes, Wurlitzers, FM keyboards, and more developed over decades of research. Electric proudly builds upon the legacy of excellence of A..
19.99€ 89.00€
Air Music Tech OPx-4
New -75 %
Brand: Air Music Tech Model: AirOP4
FM synth sounds from wild to wow.OPx-4 is a groundbreaking four operator FM synthesizer with advanced sound editing and an easy-to-understand control layout. In addition, the system has one of the most profound FM engines ever built with a 4x4 FM matrix that includes tone shaping and filtering and a..
29.99€ 119.00€
Air Music Tech Vacuum Pro
-80 %
Brand: Air Music Tech Model: AirVac
Polyphonic Analog Tube SynthesizerVacuum Pro is a polyphonic analog synthesizer with vacuum tube circuit modeling that perfectly captures the crunchy, warm sound of the analog era.With four analog oscillators, multiple filters and envelopes, and built-in audio effects, Vacuum Pro lets you ..
29.99€ 149.00€
Air Music Tech Xpand-2
New -77 %
Brand: Air Music Tech Model: AirXpand
Multitimbral All-in-one Workstation. Xpand!2 is a multitimbral workstation offering four active sound slots, or parts, per patch. Each part is provided with its own MIDI channel, Note Range (Zone), Mix, Arpeggiation, Modulation, and Effects settings—an excellent method for creating in..
29.99€ 129.00€
Akai Soulful Instruments
New -49 %
Brand: AKAI Professional Model: AkaiSoulful
Soulful Vibes for Your MPC.The Soulful Instruments expansion is exactly the detail to attention and quality you’ve come to expect from MSXII Sound Design. 64 key groups of vintage upright pianos, Precision Bass, Rhodes, horns, EPs, Wurlizter, Clavs, Organs, vintage analog synths, and much more! Trac..
19.99€ 39.00€
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