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Brand: Plug And Mix Model: PlugMixSAmb
Improve your stereo imageThis plug-in looks like an 10-band graphic EQ but it does much more than that. The old school engineers will recognise the added "Ambience" knob that adds incredible depth to the stereo field.Ambiosoniq comes equipped with fixed frequencies to ..
Brand: Plug And Mix Model: PlugMixCool
Hendrix's Uni-Vibe based Effect Based on the Uni-Vibe used by Jimmy Hendrix. This is a favorite of guitar and keyboard players looking to add some very special vocal character to their performances.Select from sync-able speed and vibe mode and enter a whole new world of tone. Use the Selector B..
Brand: Plug And Mix Model: PlugMixLS
Great LeslieThis plug-in gives you the classic sound of a Leslie rotating speaker.The speaker has two elements - the lower and upper rotor. This effect works really well on guitars, keyboards and even vocals sometimes.Add a some drive for a really gritty tone and flip the switch for slow or fast rot..
Brand: Plug And Mix Model: PLG432
A Signal Booster with Warmth.This plug-in is a signal booster that adds harmonics and warmth to your tracks.The Monster Boost has that magic coloration that can be used on everything, from Drums, to Vocals, to entire mixes. This is far from a transparent effect, rather it adds mojo and feel to any i..
Brand: Plug And Mix Model: PlugMixTrscntr
SPL based Transient Designer. This Transient Designer is known for creating punchy drums and can be applied to virtually any other signal as well. Apply this plug-in to any percussive element and you'll hear it cut through any mix.Place this plug-in on a kick or snare track and adjust the Attac..
Brand: Plug And Mix Model: PlugMixTrePan
Versatile Tremolo and Panning Effect. Tremolo Pan is a versatile tremolo and panning effect, it gives your tracks the movement and life that they may need.This device allows you to choose from Sine, Triangle and Square algorithms so your tremolo sound can be silky smooth or become more agitated..
Brand: Plug And Mix Model: PlugMixTExc
Ultimate Precision Tube Exciter and Sub Bass Enhancer. P&M Tube Exciter delivers punch, clarity and sparkle to any signal you run through it.The plug-in features Tube Exciter, Tube Saturation and Sub Bass enhancers which can enrich your sound in subtle and drastic ways.Its unique interface..
Brand: Plug And Mix Model: PlugMixUmaxit
Easy to Use Level Maximizer Plug-in. Ultramaxit is a simple to use Maximizer powerhouse that is great for bringing up the overall level of a mix or achieving heavy compression settings.Apply this plug-in to your master bus and achieve the overall broadcast/mix level you need, without distortio..
Brand: Plug And Mix Model: PlugMixVibr
Add some Vibe to your sounds. Vibrator; like the Uni-Vibe, adds movement to your mixes and instruments/sounds.Create spacial width effects and shimmer. Tuck the effect under your source with parallel mix control for added flavour to static, monophonic and dull sounds.FeaturesVibrato SpeedIntens..
Brand: Plug And Mix Model: PlugMixViny
Get that Vinyl Sound This Lo-Fi effect achieves the classic vinyl record sound.Give your tracks that old school flavor by adding a touch of noise dust and scratches to the mix.These analog artifacts will add life and warmth to your tracks, just like the old records from back in the days when yo..
Brand: Plug And Mix Model: PlugMixVowComb
Vowel overtone comb filter. P&M Vowel Comb offers a unique spin on filter plug-ins.This unconventional effect allows you to add vowel overtones to any source material causing your rhythms to come alive, your guitars to speak and your bass to growl like a beast.The big vowel knob easily dial..
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