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MNTRA Instruments

MNTRA Instruments Arca
-61 %
Brand: MNTRA Instruments Model: MNTRArca
Interdimensional Strings Suite.Dark and ancient string textures captured at our legendary Montreal RCA Victor studio. Creatively processed and warped to offer a wide range of expressive otherworldly sounds; from dystopian clusters to dark & ethereal textures.The Story of ArcaArca is an explorati..
39.00€ 99.00€
MNTRA Instruments Atma
-61 %
Brand: MNTRA Instruments Model: MNTRAAtma
Sacred Sounds Suite.Atma is our collection of sacred sound instruments obtained by our award-winning founder & composer, Brian D’Oliveira, during his many pilgrimages to holy sites around the world.The Story of AtmaRanging from ritual healing bells to pitched Aztec volcanic rocks, we creatively ..
39.00€ 99.00€
MNTRA Instruments Caprakan
-74 %
Brand: MNTRA Instruments Model: MNTRACapra
The Earth’s Ancient Voice.Caprakan reimagines ancient earthen sounds and shapes them into a myriad of unusual and inspiring instruments. Including over 50 individual rare instrument sources, Caprakan fuses traditional instruments from Andean and Mesoamerican cultures with explorations of electronica..
39.00€ 149.00€
MNTRA Instruments Galactron
-61 %
Brand: MNTRA Instruments Model: MNTRAGala
Cosmic Digital Dust.Galactron is a deep dive into the early explorations of digital synthesis. Travel through crystalline 12-bit FM synthesis, gritty Phase Distortion synthesis, and lush digitally controlled analog straight from the 80s. With the help of our powerful sound sculpting engine, MNDALA 2..
19.00€ 49.00€
MNTRA Instruments Ha Noi
-61 %
Brand: MNTRA Instruments Model: MNTRANoi
Sound of Northern Vietnam.Introducing Ha Noi, an ode to the magic of Vietnam’s capital city. This project is the outcome of an immersive creative residency in Vietnam, undertaken by our gifted in-house sound and visual designer, Noah Sherrin. Leveraging the transformative power of our MNDALA 2 engin..
19.00€ 49.00€
MNTRA Instruments Huracan
-61 %
Brand: MNTRA Instruments Model: MNTRAHura
Wild Winds AwakenIntroducing Huracan, a gateway into a new world of winds and percussion inspired by Mesoamerican and Andean cultures. 5 rare and unique wind instruments are accompanied by 3 textural percussion sounds, giving you a complete, curated palette, ready to create breathtaking music.The St..
39.00€ 99.00€
MNTRA Instruments Kymera
-68 %
Brand: MNTRA Instruments Model: MNTRAKym
Dark Sound Effects Redefined.Kymera is a macabre collection of haunted sounds for the next generation of horror. Building on years of R&D in creating custom instruments for horror video games and films, we spent weeks in the studio experimenting with unconventional sounds.The Story of KymeraKyme..
19.00€ 59.00€
MNTRA Instruments Orakle
-67 %
Brand: MNTRA Instruments Model: MNTRAOra
Dark Sounds Suite.Orakle is inspired by desolate landscapes and ancient aesthetics, by combining arcane instruments and techniques from medieval, nordic, and pan-Asian musical cultures. Our curated suite of strings, percussion, voices, and more blend together to forge a vast unique cinematic soundsc..
29.00€ 89.00€
MNTRA Instruments Orakle X
-65 %
Brand: MNTRA Instruments Model: MNTRAOraX
Dark Sounds Suite Expanded.Orakle X offers everything you need to make modern cinematic music inspired by ancient sounds. Informed by our passion for international instruments and techniques, Orakle X transcends place and time.The Story of Oracle XAt the heart of Orakle X is our founder Brian D’Oliv..
49.00€ 139.00€
MNTRA Instruments Oro
-41 %
Brand: MNTRA Instruments Model: MNTRAOro
An Alchemical Transformation of Metal Instruments from Colombia.Unlock a portal into creative potential with Oro, an alchemical journey through the transformation of metal instruments in Colombia. As the second chapter in our location-based Portals series, Oro embodies our creative exploration of th..
29.00€ 49.00€
MNTRA Instruments Pripyat
-62 %
Brand: MNTRA Instruments Model: MNTRAPri
Irradiated Synth Textures.Pripyat is our first foray into the world of synthetic textures, funnelled through our idiosyncratic approach to sampling and sound design. With a focus on the cold and industrial character of some of our favourite synth heavy scores, we derived the main source material fro..
15.00€ 39.00€
MNTRA Instruments The Cinematic Bundle
New -74 %
Brand: MNTRA Instruments Model: MNTRACinBundle
Elevate your creations with our handpicked suite of cinematic masterpieces.The Cinematic Bundle is a selection of our first-class cinematic instruments: the dark cinematic sounds from Orakle X, the expressiveness of worldwide string instruments from Arca, and the carefully curated sacred sounds from..
99.00€ 377.00€
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