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Brand: Prominy Model: PromHum
Ultra Real-sounding Virtual Acoustic GuitarThe true sound of Gibson 1963 HummingbirdHummingbird enables you to compose and create powerful and natural acoustic guitar tracks that imitate real acoustic guitar playing!Incredible real-time playability- Hummingbird SPI (Super Performance Instrument)With..
Brand: Prominy Model: PromSC2
The TrueSound of Fender® Stratocaster®SC Electric Guitar 2 is a new version of SC Electric Guitar that has established a reputation for its realistic sound and has been used by a lot of professional composers / producers since it was released in 2008. With our expertise that we have accumulated in t..
Brand: Prominy Model: PromSR5
The true sound of MusicMan StingRay®5SR5 Rock Bass 2 enables you to compose and create natural bass guitar tracks that imitate real bass guitar playing! SR5 Rock Bass 2 offers additional features and articulations which take the virtual bass guitar instrument to a whole new level.Incredible real-ti..
Brand: Prominy Model: PromVmet
Ultra real-sounding dark-powered virtual electric guitarV-METAL is an ultra real-sounding / dark-powered virtual electric guitar. The true METAL sound of ESP® Alexi Blacky with EMG®humbucker pickup includes over 19GB*, approx. 26,000 samples. V-METAL enables you to compose and create very realistic ..
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