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THR Compactor
New -17 %
Brand: The Home Recordings Model: THRCompact
Work fast and don’t worry about having to control multiple Parameters. Compactor does this for you!Select a preset, adjust the threshold, and that’s it!In-depth control over the dynamics of your music, including tempo-synced release, Lookahead, gain-reduction limit, and more!Advanced UI Features:In ..
49.99€ 59.99€
THR deBleed
New -60 %
Brand: The Home Recordings Model: THRdebleed
Say Goodbye to Cymbal Bleed.  deBleed is no traditional noise gate!It has been designed from the ground up to remove cymbal bleed effectively while still letting the Kick, Snare, and Toms ring through without affecting their tone.It achieves this by processing the Cymbal Frequencies indepe..
24.00€ 59.99€
THR LowEnhance
New -20 %
Brand: The Home Recordings Model: THREnhance
The Low End can be one of the greatest enemies when it comes to mixing. Boominess and Muddiness are too common and completely ruin the end result, making it frustrating to produce quality music.With LowEnhance, controlling and adding grit & power to the low end is now easier than ever.Effortless..
39.99€ 49.99€
THR MB-Control
New -17 %
Brand: The Home Recordings Model: THRMB
Dynamics Control and Frequency Balance at your Fingertips. MB-Control is a three-band multiband compressor that makes multiband compression simple and effective, providing you full control over the dynamics of your tracks, or even full mixes & masters, letting you control the frequency bala..
49.99€ 59.99€
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