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Brand: Capsule Audio Model: CapS80
Glorious Pop Sonics.80s Analog Greatest Hits is shamelessly high gloss, recreating the definitive tones of the era. Ballsy horn stabs, chorused new-wave pads and punchy bass are 'insta-classic', whilst plucky arpeggios and sizzling analogue synth leads carry a nostalgic sheen; all showcasing a broad..
Brand: Capsule Audio Model: CapAeolus
Herculean Brass Ensemble.This is the timeless heroic sound of a twelve-piece classical brass ensemble, expertly captured with two microphone positions for natural ambience, multiple dynamic layers, and ten different orchestral articulations resulting in one colossal sounding instrument.Rich, warm, a..
Brand: Capsule Audio Model: CapSolo
Solo Brass Titan.Aeolus Solo is the second installment in our orchestral brass series, featuring solo horn and trumpet samples. With expert recording techniques, Aeolus Solo offers a unique and authentic experience of solo brass instruments.This Capsule includes over 30 different articulations, incl..
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