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The Last Haven

Brand: The Last Haven Model: HavenAim
AIM provides you a vast collection of cinematic sound effects like hits, whooshes, risers and others with tools simplifying your workflow: hit point syncing, instant sound manglers and one-key rhythm builder.OUTSTANDING SOUNDEvery sound in AIM is unique. Every hit, whoosh, riser or downer has strong..
Brand: The Last Haven Model: HavenAttract
Attractor is a comprehensive Kontakt library for the composers and producers of soundtracks, cinematic and trailer music. It is a wonderful inspiration and production tool. This sound pack includes all-new sound effects in multiple categories, such as hits, whooshes, drops, bends, alarms, tonal elem..
Brand: The Last Haven Model: HavenMelo
Melodism is a collection of tonal sound design and hybrid instruments built for film scoring and cinematic music.Melodism is a collection of tonal instruments created by composer Sergey Zubarev mostly for his scores and albums, including "Stories" and "The Journey". This library is built to share so..
Brand: The Last Haven Model: HavenReticle
Reticle: Total Sync is focused around the beat. This sample library is a collection of tempo-synced material to add extra pulse and rhythm to your composition.Reticle: Total Sync includes 3 parts for building rhythmic content: Drum Pulses, Tonal Pulses and Plucks. In these instruments you can discov..
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