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Baby Audio Comeback Kid

Baby Audio Comeback Kid
Baby Audio Comeback Kid

Hands on delay for every flavor

Creative and versatile delay plugin that lets you sculpt, shape and transform your wet signal 

Use it to add unique and beautiful delay/echo colors to your mixes – full of vibe and analog flavor

Designed as an ideal ‘go-to’ delay – with a pristine sound, flexible features and a fast workflow

It only takes two simple ingredients to transform dull sounds or vocals: A great idea and a great delay. Comeback Kid brings you the delay – and inspires you to come up with new ideas in a split second.
The effect lay-out resembles the simplicity of the best hardware delays: There are no sub-menus or hidden features. Instead, you get 14 gratifying ‘shaping knobs’ for instantly sculpting your wet signal. Want a tape delay vibe for your lead synth? A modern slap on your vocals? A crunchy lofi echo on your guitars? Not a problem! The on-board parameters can cover an endless variety of styles when mixed and matched.
Comeback Kid gives you pristine sound quality along with the versatility to cover a variety of mix duties, from subtle reflections to hypnotic echoes. It might just become your new go-to delay


    • Delay setup:Tempo-sync modes: Straight, dotted, triplet (syncs to your DAW’s BPM). 
    • Free mode: 0.01 ms - 2500 ms.
    • Accuracy:Set your delays with 0.01ms precision when in “Free” mode. Double-click the numerical display and type-in your desired delay time.
    • Ping-Pong:Classic stereo delay trick.
    • Ducker:Ducks the delay signal when the dry signal is playing — for a cleaner, more modern sound.
    • Lo-Cut + Hi-Cut:A pair of juicy, analog-modeled, filters to shape the tonal response of the wet signal.
    • Attack + Sustain:Flexible transient designers to shape the envelope of your delay signal.
    • Cheap:A custom 11-bit signal path inspired by vintage digital delays.
    • Tape:Analog-modeled saturation algorithm, which will give you a classic tape delay sound.
    • Swirl:Warm and organic-sounding phasing effect that adds movement to your delays.
    • Sauce:Algorithmic reverb for adding diffusion to the wet signal.
    • Wider:Changes the timing between the left and right signals to a create a wider delay sound.
    • Richer:Changes the pitch between the left and right signals to a create a lush and wide delay sound.
    • Pan:Pans the delay.
    • Mono:Turns the delay into a mono signal.
    • Destiny:Subtle randomization algorithm that creates a more human delay feel.
    • Off mode:Double click the “Comeback Kid” logo to disable the delay engine. This allows you to use the plugin’s flavoring tools on your dry signal — like a regular multi-FX / color box.
    • Display options:Switch between dark and light background colors




     Windows Requirements
    • Host application compatible with:
      • AAX Native plugins
      • VST plugins
      • VST3 plugins
    • Windows 7 or Higher
     Mac Requirements
    • Host application compatible with:
      • AAX Native plugins
      • Audio-Unit plugins
      • VST plugins
      • VST3 plugins
    • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher (Intel and Apple Silicon M1 Supported)

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