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Brand: Audio Reward Model: AuRewBro
Brood is a dual-voice orchestral ROMpler for Kontakt 5.8.1+. Brood, offers you an unsettled, dark, awkward, disturbed landscape of sound. The audio was specially designed for Brood and its DOSA architecture: strange, random, unbalanced audio fragments permeate the sound stage, dark and foreboding, b..
Brand: Audio Reward Model: AuRewOrc
Orchestrata is a dual-voice orchestral ROMpler for Kontakt 5.7+, but isn't intended to be a replacement for high-priced, large-gigabyte Orchestral sample libraries, it offers a range of features and sound-shaping effects, most commonly found in synthesiser systems, that allow you to obtain new orche..
Brand: Audio Reward Model: AuRewPhen
Phenomena is a dual voice sample-based synthesizer packed full with modern analog synthesiser sounds.Phenomena includes many "classic" synthesis controls, like envelopes and filters, along with advanced customised controls for sculpting and shaping modern innovative and original synthesiser sounds q..
Brand: Audio Reward Model: AuRewQuar
Quarantine is an advanced alien sound creator for all your modern, science fiction sound design needs.Quarantine uses our AGRA Engine (Advanced Grain Recombination Architecture) that provides you with a new approach to generating, combining and manipulating sounds,Quarantine contains an atmospheric,..
Brand: Audio Reward Model: AuRewRec
Recirculate is a Kontakt 5 instrument filled with cinematic synthetic sounds.Recirculate features a dual layer architecture, drift controls, creative filters and modulation controls along with a unique gate sequencer per channel and 4 sends.The included sounds are lush analog-flavoured custom-made m..
Brand: Audio Reward Model: AuRewRoom
Roomscape is an ambient infinite tape playback machine designed to generate infinite soundscapes derived from real-world field recordings of interior and exteriorspaces.The unique feature of Roomscape is that it is designed to emulate a tape machine in that you simply press play and then blend and m..
Brand: Audio Reward Model: AuRewSeu
Seurat is the first instrument to use our AGRA engine (Advanced Grain Recombination Architecture). Essentially this is a highly-customisable granular synthesis engine, used across the two complementary voices.Seurat allows you to manipulate the normal granular controls - grain size, grain frequency,..
Brand: Audio Reward Model: AuRewTemp
Tempus is a dual voice Granular instrument inspired by the audio space where tempo becomes pitch and pitch becomes tempo. There are 500+ sound sources in Tempus, and you can combine any sound source with any other.It has 3 different play modes: Granular, Hybrid and One-shotThese sound sources were d..
Brand: Audiofier Model: AudBlent1
Earth Shaking Low End. Blent 1 is the first chapter of our Blent series, designed to enhance your music composition with deep, evolving, and solid sound sources. We focused on capturing low sustaining sounds such as double basses, drones, bassoons, tubas, seven-string guitars, and synths. ..
Brand: Audiofier Model: AudBlent2
Four Layers of ear-tingling Hybrid Strings, Woodwinds, Synths and designed sounds, processed to add sparkle to your tracks.Blent 2 is the second installment of the Blent Series, specifically designed to cater to the high end of the audio spectrum. It features a vast sample pool that will infuse your..
Brand: Audiofier Model: AudBlent3
The perfect tool for adding suspenseful and gripping moods to your compositions. Blent 3 explores the world of aleatoric music, where elements of chance and performer determination come into play. Blent 3 offers an extensive range of dissonant and tone-bending recordings. Tension plays a crucia..
Brand: Audiofier Model: AudBlent4
The must-have tool for film composers and sound designers looking to create low-end tension and enhance the mood of their projects.With a wide variety of unsettling, noisy, rumbling drones, Blent 4 delivers the perfect sound to add a sense of dread to your film sound design or music composition. the..
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