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Brand: Eventide Model: Eventide12
A Complete Sonic Universe.The Anthology XII plug-in bundle brings Eventide’s 50 years of pioneering audio technology directly to your DAW. Anthology XII has everything you need to take your sonic story to the next level by combining award-winning, groundbreaking, inspirational effects with the most ..
Brand: Eventide Model: EventBlaHol
Extraterrestrial Reverb.Most reverbs are earth-bound and constrained by the physics of the real world. Our Blackhole® reverb breaks the rules by allowing you to create virtual spaces that could never exist in reality (or at least the one we inhabit). At large sizes, its soft attack and lingering, ha..
Brand: Eventide Model: EventBlaHolImm
Reverb for an Expanding Universe. Designed from the ground up for immersive, Dolby Atmos, and surround workflows, Blackhole Immersive expands the signature sound of Eventide’s stereo version across your entire immersive mix. Used as a send or insert, Blackhole Immersive remains respectful yet r..
Brand: Eventide Model: EventClockBndl
Classics Reinvented.In 1971, in a New York City basement, Eventide Clockworks revolutionized the audio industry by creating the world’s first studio effects processor–the Instant Phaser and pro audio’s first digital device, the Digital Delay Line. Over the course of the following decade, Eventide w..
Brand: Eventide Model: EventCrushStat
Overdrive/Distortion for Creamy Saturation to Brutal Sonic Assault. Most reverbs are earth-bound and constrained by the physics of the real world. Our Blackhole® reverb breaks the rules by allowing you to create virtual spaces that could never exist in reality (or at least the one we inhab..
Brand: Eventide Model: EventCrist
Out-of-this-World Pitch, Delay & Reverb. Eventide Crystals combines twin reverse pitch shifters with reverse delays and reverb. This iconic H3000 Harmonizer® effect can be used to create out-of-this-world climbing and cascading pitched delays or to create unique sounding reverbs. It feature..
Brand: Eventide Model: EventEChannel
Lightweight Modular Channel Strip.  Echannel is a versatile and lightweight channel strip plug-in that includes a routable Gate, Parametric EQ, and Compressor. Its modular design allows for flexible signal processing routing, while its graphical displays enable precise frequency adjus..
Brand: Eventide Model: EventEQ45
Urei 545 Parametric EQ. The EQ45 is a lightweight, four-band parametric equalizer plug-in that allows you to gracefully shape the contours of an audio signal by boosting or attenuating its frequency components. Based on the circuit model of the analog Urei 545 parametric EQ, the plug-in fe..
Brand: Eventide Model: EventEQ65
Urei 565 Filter Set.The EQ65 is a recreation of a classic audio surgical tool, the Urei 565 filter set, used by generations of engineers to de-emphasize or completely eliminate selected frequencies in an audio recording. Its two-band notch/band pass filter set allows you to quickly find a selec..
Brand: Eventide Model: EventideBandDel
Bolster Your ImaginationImagine if you could take any sound, separate it by frequency bands, change the filter type, and then individually process those bands with delays. The H3000 Band Delays plug-in is derived from the H3000 Harmonizer® studio processor. This unique plug-in is capable of everythi..
Brand: Eventide Model: EventideH3F
Recreating a Legend.  The H3000 Factory is a re-creation of several key algorithms from the H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer® effects processor. The plug-in provides a convenient modular interface to combine up to 18 effects blocks together in a practically limitless number of configurations. It offers p..
Brand: Eventide Model: EventH9Bndl
Unleash Your Creativity. Introducing the H9 Plug-in Series, an iconic collection of powerful effects from the H9 Harmonizer®. Built for the modern producer, the H9 Plug-in Series has everything you need to reverberate, modulate, delay, crush, pitch shift, and saturate your audio. Valued at over..
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