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Ergo Kukke

Brand: Ergo Kukke Model: EKAl
“Aleatoric Metamorphic Movement” sets the new standard for multi-voiced textural Kontakt instruments. By making use of contemporary sound shaping methods, AMM brings gritty atmospheric sampling into the modern era. With freedom of expression being at the core of AMM’s qualities, translating a sounds..
Brand: Ergo Kukke Model: EKAK
Aleatoric Keys uses sounds from synthesizers and real life recordings and seamlessly morphs them together to form a new era of inspiring sounds. Sound categories include bass, keys & strings, synths, pads and FX, but the individual sounds cover most categories from natural wind instruments to sy..
Brand: Ergo Kukke Model: EKAR
Aleatoric Rhythms is a bold new instrument that uses sounds from synthesizers and real life recordings. Sounds vary from nasty bass riffs to sneaky and immersive percussion loops. Recorded with a portable studio microphone, the sounds were captured in real environments – the exact environments, some..
Brand: Ergo Kukke Model: EKSH
Epic Thematic Trailer Hits, Impacts, Booms and BraamsSynchro Hits is a thematic trailer hits library designed to create custom sounds to your next production, game or movie.With three Riser and Hit channels, Synchro Hits produces colorful, but most important of all, massive impact sounds designed to..
Brand: Ergo Kukke Model: EKT
Trails is a huge custom made collection of intense, dark and sometimes beautiful trailer sound effects, featuring the expert sound design skills of Ergo Kukke.Trails contains thousands of brand new designed sounds, from processed atmospherics and synthetic-based haunting risers, to fully host-synchr..
Brand: Ergo Kukke Model: EKVS
Years in the making,Virtual Symphony by Ergo Kukke, is the worlds most realistic fully synthesized orchestra, bringing to the table a unique sound and morphing between orchestral sections. Yes, you heard correctly, it's 100% synthesizers, that were carefully programmed, treated, sampled and made ava..
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