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Brand: Krotos Audio Model: KroConc
Powerful, Simple to Use, Unique, Incredible Sounding Synth Concept 2 is a powerful, yet simple to use synth plug-in, aimed at those who want to make unique and incredible sounds fast.It takes the award-winning Concept synth and supercharges it in exciting and creative ways, making it faster for..
Brand: Krotos Audio Model: KroDehu
Powerful vocal processing tool Dehumaniser 2 is the all-in-one solution that puts vital vocal sound design features at your fingertips, making it the ideal plugin for use in film, TV, video games, live performance, and more.It is a powerful vocal processing tool perfect for a range of vocal eff..
Brand: Krotos Audio Model: KroDehuMonst
Professional Vocal Processing Tool Dehumaniser Simple Monsters is the fastest and easiest way to create extreme vocal effects for movies, music, games and animation.Perfect for audio professionals, students or anyone looking for advanced sound design at great value, this versatile tool makes a ..
Brand: Krotos Audio Model: KroEvery
The Everything Bundle The Full Krotos Sound Design Software PackageThe Krotos Everything Bundle 2 combines the full plug-in catalog ( a total of 7) with the complete Krotos sound library collection to deliver the most content and best value bundle they've ever produced.Equip your studio with th..
Brand: Krotos Audio Model: KroIgnit
Complex Vehicle Sound Design Simplified Igniter is the new industry standard for creating any real-world or sci-fi vehicle and engine sound effects with ease. Whether you work in audio post or game audio, Igniter enables you to design, perform and automate any complex vehicle behaviour directly..
Brand: Krotos Audio Model: KroIgnitFull
Igniter with 75GB of additional library content Igniter is a one-stop solution for designing, performing and automating vehicles directly in your DAW. From everyday vehicles, sports cars, motorbikes, planes, helicopters, spacecraft, drones or anything you can imagine.Igniter is the only solutio..
Brand: Krotos Audio Model: KroRefPro
Transform Your Input and Perform Your Sound Design Design, automate, and perform sound effects in real-time. You do your best sound design work when you get the right sound from your head in sync with the scene. Reformer Pro offers a new and intuitive way of designing sound, helping you achieve..
Brand: Krotos Audio Model: KroSimConc
Simple Interface, Infinite Sounds Simple Concept is an interactive and easy to use soft-synth powered by Krotos’ Concept synth engine, wrapped into a compact interface. With a simple workflow and a user-friendly set of controls, Simple Concept lets you focus on your music.Dial-in your sound qui..
Brand: Krotos Audio Model: KroBundl1
Bundle of 3 Superb Sound Design ProductsThe Sound Design Bundle is a unique offering from Krotos, and includes three of their flagship products : Dehumaniser 2, Reformer Pro (including the Krotos Bundle 1 Library) and Weaponiser Fully Loaded.Offering a professional solution for all your sound design..
Brand: Krotos Audio Model: KroBundl2
The Complete Krotos Sound Design Package The Sound Design Bundle 2 is the complete Krotos package and includes four flagship products and a library: Dehumaniser 2, Reformer Pro, Weaponiser Fully Loaded, Igniter Full Tank and Battle Bundle.Offering a professional solution for all your sound desi..
Brand: Krotos Audio Model: KroWeapB
The Ultimate Weapon Sound Design Solution Ideal for starter sound designers and tight budgets.It's a concise selection of weapons, whooshes, footsteps, magic, UI and Trailer assets.Weaponiser is a powerful sound design sampler that lets you design, customise, and perform a huge range of sound e..
Brand: Krotos Audio Model: KroWeap
The Ultimate Weapon Sound Design Solution The Ultimate Sound Collection for Weaponiser, with these massive expansion libraries already included, in full:• Footsteps• User Interfaces• Whooshes• Trailers• MagicWeaponiser is your secret sound design weapon: an inspiring layering solution that allo..
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