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Brand: HOSS Audio Model: HossEpia
EPIA is a Rhodes Stage 73 library, deeply sampled for Kontakt.It contains a warm, flexible sound and a set of matching effects to cover most of your needs, and to take it even further, an optional interactive synth engine has been added under the name of “synthetic layer”.The synthetic layer is a si..
Brand: HOSS Audio Model: Hoss54
FELT 54 is an intimate felt piano with character, it’s not the conventional bright and harmonically complex upright piano.Stereo sampled from a felt customized upright Yamaha U3 1975 that has been modified in a way that makes the tone more pure, yet preserves its harmonic richness.A 0.8mm felt strip..
Brand: HOSS Audio Model: Hosskl106
KLASSIK 106 is a virtual analogue synthesizer.KLASSIK 106’s is the first Juno-106 Kontakt library developed with the new Kontakt’s wavetable engine.KLASSIK 106 Synth engine, replicates the famous 80’s 106 in all it’s aspects plus a modern touch:3 waveforms (PWM, Saw, Sub), plus a user access to the ..
Brand: HOSS Audio Model: HossNuag
Nuage - Strings Designer is a lush, dreamy strings instrumentNuage - Strings Designer combines 6 strings modules:Violin sectionSolo violinViola sectionTape stringsCello sectionSolo double bassAll strings can be played either in Sustain or Tremolo, and expression can be controlled with the modulation..
Brand: HOSS Audio Model: HossOpal
Opalescence is a cinematic pad designer, created for the purpose of crafting hybrid (Orchestral/Electronic) evolving Pads, with 22 sequencer-based effects.Opalescence helps you design non-static, dynamic Hybrid pads, covering the whole dramatic spectrum, from lush and creamy, to aggressive and dirty..
Brand: HOSS Audio Model: Hossm400
Tapes M400 is a Mellotron library, chromatically sampled from the Mellotron M400, one of the earliest models from the 1970’s.Tapes M400 features the 3 main and most iconic sound of the Mellotron: Strings, Choir and Flutes that were recorded chromatically for the full length of each tape, but you can..
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