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Brand: Bitwig Model: BTWST4
Customized Workflow To Match Any Style.Discover Bitwig Studio, the innovative music creation and performance software for all major platforms. Experience seamless integration of linear timeline sequencing together with nonlinear, performance-oriented clip launching and an intuitive user interface th..
Brand: Eventide Model: Eventide12
A Complete Sonic Universe.The Anthology XII plug-in bundle brings Eventide’s 50 years of pioneering audio technology directly to your DAW. Anthology XII has everything you need to take your sonic story to the next level by combining award-winning, groundbreaking, inspirational effects with the most ..
Brand: McDSP Model: McDPSChanGN
The ultimate console.   All Channel G configurations feature calibration modes for music, post production, and models of the world’s most popular analog mixing desks. Channel G is three plug-ins: G Dynamics, G Equalizer, and G Console.The Channel G user interface seamlessly integrates with..
Brand: McDSP Model: McDPSEverBunN
McDSP Everything Pack , the best choice if you want them all!  The Everything Pack Native v 7.0 is our complete bundle for the user who needs powerful plug-ins to make their audio sound to the best. All McDSP’s equalizers, compressors, virtual tape machines, multi-band dynamic processors a..
Brand: 2nd Sense Model: 2ndAR
An algorithmic reverbAlgoReverb is an algorithmic reverb with sophisticated delayline designs. The original design is to resemeble a classic hardware algorithmic reverb designed around the 80s.Compatibility MAC OSX    WINDOW Windows RequirementsHost application compatib..
Brand: 2nd Sense Model: 2ndWig
Waveshaping SynthWiggle is a Waveshaping Synth plug-in for creating expressive sounds with flexible modulations morphing capabilities. With intuitive interface, onboard sampling versatile sequencer.Expressive Sound – 4 powerful sound generators allow you to directly manipulate and automate the wavet..
Brand: 2nd Sense Model: 2ndEF
Visual Effect Audio PluginThe plugin features lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop filters from 4 classic filter families (Butterworth, Chebyshev I & II, and elliptic) in electronic engineering. The plugin is designed with solid DSP and math to reach stable high order results (e.g. The Butterwo..
Brand: 2nd Sense Model: 2ndMA
Monitor realtime frequency spectrumsMixing Analyzer enables you to monitor realtime spectrums of multiple tracks simultaneously and detect frequency collision and some extent of masking. Simply insert Mixing Analyzer plugins on your tracks. Then all spectrums and their collisions between each other ..
Brand: 2nd Sense Model: 2ndRS
A sharpened tool for audio editingSmooth waveform browsing and editing: fast and responsive waveform zooming and editing with your mouse, trackpad (multi-touch gestures) or keyboard.Vocal removal: straightforward and effective removal or extraction for center vocal sound.Time stretch: change the dur..
Brand: 2nd Sense Model: 2ndVR
Removing or extracting soundThough named as Vocal Remover, the plugin is used for removing or extracting sound in a specified direction span from a stereo sound. If you use it to extract the center vocal sound, it becomes center vocal extractor. If you use it to remove the guitar sound on the left, ..
Brand: Accentize Model: AcctzCham
Imitate any reverbChameleon is an intelligent audio plugin which uses artificial neural networks to estimate and model the exact reverb content of any source recording. You can build a reverb profile in seconds and easily apply it to dry studio recordings.Intelligent AlgorithmBy using recent machine..
Brand: Accentize Model: AcctzDRoomP
Remove Reverb with DeRoom ProDeRoom Pro is a Machine-Learning based reverb removal audio plug-in built for professional use. An artificial neural network has been trained on many different room scenarios in order to be able to separate direct sound from reflection components. The real-time processin..
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