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Brand: Guareschi Model: GuarMel
From the film composer and producer, Guillermo Guareschi developer of The Ronroco, The Cuatro, and The Bandoneon.Meloreed is a unique melodica played and recorded with special techniques. The result is a very expressive and sweet instrument that sounds undistinguishable from the acoustic one.Unique ..
Brand: Guareschi Model: GuarBan
The Bandoneón is a type of concertina popular in Argentina and Uruguay. It plays an essential role in the orquesta típica, the tango orchestra.This particular Bandoneón was recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina by the renowned composer Guillermo Guareschi.It is a "Premier" Bandoneón with a sweet and e..
Brand: Guareschi Model: GuarCuatro
The Cuatro is a traditional instrument from Venezuela. It has four strings and a small shaped guitar body.The Cuatro for Kontakt contains 12 articulations and multiple modes to experiment with. Created for the full version of Kontakt 5.6 or above The Cuatro delivers an exquisite sound brimming with ..
Brand: Guareschi Model: GuarRonco
The creator of The Bandoneon, the film composer Guillermo Guareschi, presents a new and exciting Kontakt Library intended to become a singular tool for composers and musicians.The Ronroco belongs to the family of the Charangos, a typical South-American instrument. It is like a Charango but bigger in..
Brand: Guareschi Model: GuarViol
Inspired by the timeless elegance of the Renaissance-era viola da gamba, VIOLONAIR emerges as a remarkable new instrument that pushes boundaries and creates an unrivaled experience.Unlock the Potential of Dynamic TuningDiscover the essence of true artistry with our new script, "Dynamic Tuning," craf..
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