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Brand: 2nd Sense Model: 2ndMA
Monitor realtime frequency spectrumsMixing Analyzer enables you to monitor realtime spectrums of multiple tracks simultaneously and detect frequency collision and some extent of masking. Simply insert Mixing Analyzer plugins on your tracks. Then all spectrums and their collisions between each other ..
Brand: 2nd Sense Model: 2ndVR
Removing or extracting soundThough named as Vocal Remover, the plugin is used for removing or extracting sound in a specified direction span from a stereo sound. If you use it to extract the center vocal sound, it becomes center vocal extractor. If you use it to remove the guitar sound on the left, ..
Brand: Accentize Model: AcctzDRoomP
Remove Reverb with DeRoom ProDeRoom Pro is a Machine-Learning based reverb removal audio plug-in built for professional use. An artificial neural network has been trained on many different room scenarios in order to be able to separate direct sound from reflection components. The real-time processin..
Brand: Accentize Model: AcctzDialEn
Remove Reverb with DeRoomDeRoom is a Machine-Learning based audio plug-in to reduce or remove reverb and room resonances in real-time. An artificial neural network has been trained on many different room scenarios in order to be able to separate direct sound from reflection components. Reverb tails ..
Brand: Accentize Model: AcctzSpectBlc
Automatically Equalize SpeechSpectralBalance is an intelligent equalizer plugin for dialogue recordings. By continuously analysing the audio signal it automatically adapts its EQ-curve to correct spectral imbalances in order to achieve clear neutral sounding speech. The efficient workflow makes it a..
Brand: Accentize Model: AcctzVoiGat
Remove Noise easilyVoiceGate is a Machine-Learning based audio plug-in which can be used to reduce noise from speech and vocal recordings in real-time. An artificial neural network has been trained on thousands of  different audio recordings to learn the characteristics of human speech. The plu..
Brand: Anarchy Audioworx Model: AAW010
A full vocal production suite.Vocalator Pro is a 19-in-1 full vocal production suite that helps you get that radio-ready polished vocal sound in an instant. Built to suit all music genres, its super low unnoticeable latency and super low CPU usage, combined with its extensive amount of control ..
Brand: Audiomodern Model: AuModRiff
The Smart MIDI Tool To Generate Riffs.  Introducing 'Riffer', a smart MIDI tool that generates musical riffs and sequences by combining pitch, duration, velocity & density. It can generate endless random riffs.You can generate fresh ideas, sequences, melodies, riffs and musical patterns, tu..
Brand: AudioSourceRE Model: AudReDemix
Easy Spectral Audio Separation DeMIX Essentials offers advanced sound isolation algorithms combined with an intuitive workflow. Quickly separate vocals, drums, and other instruments easily. Explore new possibilities for remixing, sampling, or a-cappella and backing track creation. Mute the lead..
Brand: AudioSourceRE Model: AudReDemixPro
Advanced Spectral Audio Editing and SeparationDeMIX Pro combines cutting-edge sound isolation algorithms with an advanced spectral audio editor to provide audio engineers, producers, DJs, and Musicians unrivaled freedom to create isolated vocals, drums and other instruments from existing mixes. Idea..
Brand: AudioSourceRE Model: AudReRpan
Realtime Panning Separation ToolRePAN offers real-time panning-based separation of stereo mixes, using AudioSourceRE’s cutting edge Digital Signal Processing techniques. RePAN allows the user to adjust, rebalance and equalize the stereo field in a way not previously possible.cIt analyzes the stereo ..
Brand: Ayaicware Model: AyaicMon
A Unique Approach To Mixing.The Mix monolith is another industry first from Ayaic. It is an "Automatic Mixing System" that allows you to level your mixes perfectly in any environment. From individual tracks, to buss groups, to FX channels, to your master fader, Mix Monolith will create a mix  t..
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