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Paper Stone

Paper Stone Creative Junk
-61 %
Brand: Paper Stone Model: PapCj
Creative Junk is an organic percussion suite designed to fire your imagination.It was created with hits from everyday objects of many shapes and sizes that were carefully selected for their tone and character and their special interaction when played as a set.Anything GoesIndustrial heaters, bouncin..
25.90€ 65.68€
Paper Stone German Log Drum
-60 %
Brand: Paper Stone Model: PapGLD
The German Log Drum is a 356MB virtual instrument. Each note of our 8 note pentatonic Logdrum has been meticulously sampled at 6 velocity levels, then turned into a chromatic instrument within Kontakt. The instrument used was a Schlagwerk 8 note Oak Log Drum in Bb major pentatonic (F2 G2 Bb2 C3 D3 F..
8.90€ 21.98€
Paper Stone Marimba
-60 %
Brand: Paper Stone Model: PapM
The PSI Marimba is a 52 note, 10,221 sample, 6.2 GB (3.2 compressed) virtual Instrument, playable in the full version of Kontakt 4.2.2 and aboveThe phase alignment of the audio was essential to the sound to ensure a focused tone, this had to be done for each note. The end result represents a forensi..
23.30€ 57.84€
Paper Stone Palm Mute Piano
-59 %
Brand: Paper Stone Model: PapPM
The PSI Palm Mute Piano is a unique Kontakt instrument created by meticulously sampling a Grand Piano using finger dampening to create what is essentially a brand new instrument.Recorded in a Lush Warm SpaceThe Piano has been sampled in 3 individual articulations to create the widest range of tones ..
17.80€ 43.74€
Paper Stone Plucked Piano
-60 %
Brand: Paper Stone Model: PapPP
Sampled from our 1960s Danemann Piano, the PSI Plucked Piano is a 1.5GB 88 key Multisampled Instrument for Kontakt 5 and above.Plucked Piano features 783 samples created in 3 Mic positions:Ribbon (Coles 4038 pair)414 (AKG 414 BULS)ROOM (Neumann KM184)Recorded at 3 velocity levels and then phased ali..
23.30€ 57.84€
Paper Stone PSI Cymbals
-59 %
Brand: Paper Stone Model: PapPCy
PSI Cymbals features an extensive array of our favourite Meinl, Sabian, Dream and Zilgian Cymbals, extensively sampled in our incredible live room.High Hats3 wonderful high hats forensically sampled with up to 40 velocity layersRides5 exquisite rides recorded with sticks and softbeatersCrashesA dazz..
11.84€ 28.98€
Paper Stone PSI Kick
-59 %
Brand: Paper Stone Model: PapPK
The PSI Kick Drum is a massive collection of kick drums with loads of added control and functionality to enable you to sculpt the perfect kick drum.Couple this with the PSI Snare and PSI Cymbal and you have the most flexible collection of drums we could possibly build.Super Flexible Blend System.Ble..
11.84€ 28.98€
Paper Stone PSI Snare
-57 %
Brand: Paper Stone Model: PapPS
PSI Snare is a 1.02GB, 5596 sample, Multi-sampled Snare Drum, playable in the full version of Kontakt 4.0.2 and 5.0There is a simple concept behind the PSI Snare – Rather than going down the normal route of superficially recording a range of snares, our focus was to capture the huge amount of differ..
10.74€ 24.98€
Paper Stone PSI Toms
-60 %
Brand: Paper Stone Model: PapPT
PSI Toms is a massive collection of Tom drums with loads of added control and functionality to enable you to sculpt the perfect Tom drum.Couple this with the PSI Snare, PSI Cymbal and PSI Kick and you have the most flexible collection of drums we could possibly build.FeaturesA collection of our 5 fa..
8.90€ 21.98€
Paper Stone PSI Vibraphone
-59 %
Brand: Paper Stone Model: PapPV
Each note of the 1960s 3 octave Premier 751 Vibraphone has been meticulously sampled in our cinematic live room.The PSI Vibraphone is a 1.9Gb 37 note virtual instrument using Native Instruments lossless .ncw compressed format samples.There are 4 main instruments: Sustain (pedalled) with soft fe..
16.76€ 40.86€
Paper Stone The Clap V2
-58 %
Brand: Paper Stone Model: PapCla
The Clap V2 is a 410MB natural clap machine from Paper Stone Instruments using Native Instruments .ncw lossless compression format for faster loading times.What makes the clap special is that you decide how many people you want clapping in your music, from 1 (C3) to 2 (C#3) all the way to 13 (C4)!Th..
8.76€ 20.98€
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