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Brand: MeldaProduction Model: MeldaDreamMac
Make your Drums come true.Dream machines is a huge collection of drum machine samples for MDrummer as well as a Premium instrument for MSoundFactory.Dream Machines takes the samples to the next level with convenient mixing, layering and virtual analogue processing. The instrument looks, sounds and f..
Brand: MeldaProduction Model: Melda
A great vintage amp for soft saturation.MAmp is a great sounding vintage amp. Whether you are looking for a soft saturation to enhance the harmonic content or a great sounding creative distortion, MAmp is the right tool for the job.MAmp employs the famous distortion algorithm from MVintageRotary, wh..
Brand: MeldaProduction Model: Melda
Automatic Delays & Phase Inversions.Phase cancellation occurs whenever you record anything with more than one microphone. Some people ignore it and keep the tracks dull, some manually search for delays, and others let MAutoAlign do the job for them automatically and move on to the next activity...
Brand: MeldaProduction Model: MeldaMautoDinEQ
Transparent & Musical Sounding EQ.Equalizing is probably the most important task when mixing, so you should get the best tool available! MAutoDynamicEq is much more than an unbelievably transparent and musical-sounding equalizer with a gorgeous interface stuffed with amazing features. It pushes ..
Brand: MeldaProduction Model: MeldaMautoEQ
Automatic Equalization.Equalizing is probably the most important task when mixing, so you should get the best tool available!MAutoEqualizer is an unbelievably transparent and musical-sounding equalizer featuring Melda Production's proprietary automatic equalization technology and their amazing linea..
Brand: MeldaProduction Model: MeldaMAutopanMB
6 Band Automatic Panner.MAutopanMB, the most powerful automatic panner in the world, is the cure whenever you need to make some audio material more spatial and less static. It's an indispensable tool for keyboards, guitars and many other mono instruments.6 bands with custom shape:Unlike conventional..
Brand: MeldaProduction Model: MeldaMstereofix
Fix your Stereo image.MAutoStereoFix is a magical tool, that fixes problems in stereo recordings even if you didn't even know there are any! It has been designed for stereo microphone recordings such as overheads and rooms, but can be used on master tracks as well.Extremely easy to use:MAutoStereoFi..
Brand: MeldaProduction Model: MeldaAutoVol
Track Will Always be on Top of the Mix.Vocals, bass, solo guitars, saxophones. They all deserve to be on top of the mix all the time. To accomplish this, some engineers used compressors, others automated faders. Both needing a lot of time or effort. Now you have MAutoVolume, which does the job for y..
Brand: MeldaProduction Model: MeldaMBassabor
Tighten your Bass.Modern mixes crave a distinctive tight bass spectrum. MBassador enhances your existing bass content and produces subbass spectrum as well. Pristine musical results within a few clicks.Your bass will be audible on low-end speakers:Not many people have the access to the studio equipm..
Brand: MeldaProduction Model: MeldaMBitFun
A serious tool for extreme distortion lovers.MBitFunMB is a serious tool for extreme distortion lovers. It converts the incoming audio into limited fixed-point precision data of 1-16 bits per sample and lets you access each bit with several bit-manipulation operations and finishes the processing wit..
Brand: MeldaProduction Model: Melda
Cabinet simulator mainly for guitars.MCabinet is a revolutionary cabinet simulator mainly for guitars and bass, but can be a great creative sound design tool as well. Instead of thousands of IR files it lets you focus on the sound itself and gets you a virtually infinite number of cabinets!Great sou..
Brand: MeldaProduction Model: MeldaMCharact
Control your Harmonics.MCharacter is a unique tool, that lets you directly control the harmonics of any monophonic audio material. It can be used on vocals, bass, trumpet, saxophone... It opens a range of mixing and creative possibilities.Direct access to the instrument's harmonicsMCharacter lets yo..
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