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Brand: MIA Laboratories Model: MiaLabCompl
The Total package of all the MIA LABS EffectsThe MIA Complete Bundle gives you all the excellent effects that they have released in a cost-saving package.MIA Laboratories is committed to deliver the next level of virtual studio technology and digital signal processing solutions, that do justice to t..
Brand: MIA Laboratories Model: MiaLab358
Control And Enhance Your Music The 358 Enhancer MKII is the second generation of MIA Laboratories audio enhancer plug-in. It allows user to control the Low, Mid-Low, Mid-High and High frequencies. The 358 enhancer features a tool to even out and give more balance on the master as well as on ind..
Brand: MIA Laboratories Model: MiaLab409
Opto-mized Dynamic Response.The 409 Opto Compressor is a powerful and versatile plug-in equipped with an optimized dynamic response. It is based on the design and principles of analog Opto Compressors.Characterized by its natural and musical gain reduction, the 409 provides gentle, clear compression..
Brand: MIA Laboratories Model: MiaLab413
Analog Tape Saturation The 413 Tape Saturator reproduces the non-linear characteristics of an analog tape in "over-drive". It plays with magnetic saturation : a phenomenon that occurs when you increase the amplitude of the 'recorded' signal. This plug-in offers 3 different types of Analog Tape,..
Brand: MIA Laboratories Model: MiaLab590
A Dynamic EQ with analog character The 590 is a 5 band Dynamic EQ, offering dynamic equalisation under MIA Laboratories’ envelope detector, based on the analogue envelope detector circuit. It features parallel band compression or expansion under double precision processing and can be opera..
Brand: MIA Laboratories Model: MiaLab925
Main Mix Compressor.The 925 mark 2 is MIA Laboratories’ preferred main mix compressor.It is designed using physical modelling principles, based around the classic ‘feed-back’ topology in hardware circuit-design.The sidechain detection stage is based on the basic analog envelope detector circuit.Key ..
Brand: MIA Laboratories Model: Mia980
Compression, Colour, Saturation The 980 Spark is a plug-in unit that consists of three modules: Compressor, Colour and Saturator.It was especially designed to help enrich and thicken audio content with a minimum of effort. It is a handy tool for sound design, as well as a sophisticated saturati..
Brand: MIA Laboratories Model: MiaLabC1
MIA's Premier Compressor Carefully designed to act like the much esteemed analog compressors of past decades, MIA Compressor One offers the distinctive sound of MIA Laboratories.Easy and simple to use, this plug-in will help you speed up your workflow and get the results you need.Stereo Link Op..
Brand: MIA Laboratories Model: MiaDTMK2
Hardware-Style Delay Mia Delay dt MKII, is a 'hardware'-style echo/delay unit designed for both production and live performance uses. It features intuitive, extensive control parameters with excellent sound quality and low CPU load. It can be operated in Mono, Stereo and Ping-Pong (aka 'cross-f..
Brand: MIA Laboratories Model: MiaBlue
An Exquisite EQ With 16 Avaialble Bands Musiqual Blue MKII delivers great digital equalisation with an analog feel to it. This exquisite EQ comes with 16 bands to choose from. Mia Laboraries draw from their experience working with"Class A" analog equipment to allow the user to add or subtract b..
Brand: MIA Laboratories Model: MiaGree
Transitor Flavourd Semi-Parametric EQThe Musiqual Green shows off a strong "transistor" personnality that provides you with that great classic 1990’s sound.Musiqual Green’s EQ provides a fairly transparent sound with a "Transistor" flavour very much characteristical of analog technology. The user ha..
Brand: MIA Laboratories Model: PLG406
Analogue Tube Flavoured EQ.Musiqual Red facilitates tube enthusiasts get that particular sound that they live for.The Musiqual Red’s EQ offers 31 carefully selected bands to choose from, representing the “key” frequencies when it comes to Tube gear. Each band comes with a designated “Colour” algorit..
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