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Brand: LibreWave Model: LibreDulcius
The dulcimer has been played around the world for millennia. It’s an instrument that comes in many varieties, each of which has been shaped accordingly by the culture in which it developed.The samples in Dulcius were performed and recorded by musician Nuno Silva. The library currently includes one i..
Brand: LibreWave Model: LibreFlute
The Irish flute is a type of transverse flute. It is often played in traditional Irish music ensembles along with other instruments such as the bodhrán, guitar, and fiddle. It has a unique and distinctive sound that is characterized by its bright and clear tone.The history of the Irish flute can be ..
Brand: LibreWave Model: LibreBansuri
The bansuri is a traditional Indian bamboo flute that holds deep cultural significance and mesmerizing musical qualities. With a history spanning thousands of years, it has become an integral part of classical and folk music in India. Crafted from a single length of bamboo, the bansuri’s d..
Brand: LibreWave Model: LibreHarp
I created this library because I love the delicate yet feisty spirit of the Celtic harp. It can be soft and gentle or bold and strong and everything in-between.We recorded a modern Celtic harp with a warm tone and a built in pick-up. This allowed us to create a direct input recording in addition to ..
Brand: LibreWave Model: LibreBodhran
Whether you’re composing cinematic scores, folk tunes, or experimenting with electronic music,Modern Bodhrán empowers you to add an authentic and innovative touch to your compositions, igniting the spirit of the bodhrán in the modern era. The 13000 samples in this library were beautifully performed ..
Brand: LibreWave Model: LibreOsiris
Osiris is a simsimiyya sample library. The simsimiyya is a traditional lyre that has a long history in Egypt, dating back to ancient times.It is particularly associated with the religious traditions of the Sinai Peninsula. It is often used in religious ceremonies and celebrations, as well as in secu..
LibreWave Sordina
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Brand: LibreWave Model: LibreSord
A one of a kind plugin.  Sordina is an audio effect plugin that authentically replicates orchestral instrument mutes. Using models derived from real world recordings, Sordina allows you to effortlessly apply brass and string mutes to enhance any audio source.This serves as an excellent mea..
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Brand: LibreWave Model: LibreShepherd
The Bulgarian kaval is deeply intertwined with the shepherd’s way of life in Bulgaria. Shepherds often played the kaval while tending to their flocks in the picturesque Bulgarian countryside.The haunting and melodious tunes of the kaval not only provided entertainment during long hours of solitude b..
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