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Kuassa Amplifikation 360 Bundle
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Brand: Kuassa Model: Kuassa360Bundle
17 plugins for sculpting sound and creativity: 6 Amplifikation and 11 Efektor plugins.A wrapper, integrator, a host, or just lets say it’s a playground for guitarist. Mix, integrate, explore and perform with Kuassa Amplifikations and Efektors you own, automatically added as building blocks inside Am..
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Brand: Kuassa Model: KuassaCaliburn
British Guitar Amp Simulator. Our brand new amp simulator called Amplifikation Caliburn which we are confident to say that this is our best amp VST yet. This time, it’s inspired by Britain’s Marshall* Amps crafted using our most current 3rd generation modeling technology, resulting a satisfying..
Brand: Kuassa Model: KuassaClarent
Orange* amps inspired Amp. There are no other guitar amplifiers other than Orange Amplifiers* whose looks and presence is as unique as its sounds. Instantly recognizable by its bright colorful appearance, delivering thunderous crunchy tone used by world class acts such as Fleetwood Mac*, The Bl..
Brand: Kuassa Model: KuassaCreme
Metal Guitar Amp Simulator.  The best guitar amp simulator for more modern high-gain guitar sound, metal, and alike. Distinguished by it’s darker, fuller, heavier sound which will be loved my metalheads and modern guitarists.Supports various audio plugins: VST/VST3/AU/AAX which compatible ..
Brand: Kuassa Model: KuassaLancaster
Inspired by Vox Combo amps, Lancaster is a dynamic natural sounding realistic amp experience. The fourth product on our range of Guitar Amp Simulator products utilizing the 3rd generation of our modeling technology. Amplifikation Lancaster is inspired by Vox* combo amps and thanks to the 3rd ge..
Brand: Kuassa Model: KuassaMatch
American Sound Amp Simulator.  Second product from Kuassa’s 3rd gen Tube Simulation technology following the much hyped Amplifikation Caliburn. Amplifikation Matchlock is inspired by Fender* combo amps and thanks to the 3rd gen Tube Simulation engine guarantees a more dynamic natural sound..
Brand: Kuassa Model: KuassaRectifor
High gain tone amp simulator.  Speaking about guitar amplifiers, there is one name that is highly regarded as the staple of high gain tone: Mesa/Boogie*. Historically renowned as the first boutique guitar amplifiers, Mesa/Boogie* changed the face of music with their rectifier design.This a..
Brand: Kuassa Model: KuassaVerm
Vintage Classic Amp Model.  Our classic approach to a true vintage guitar combo amp modeling. The best guitar amp simulator for more rootsy guitarists who demands authenticity with it’s tremolo and a faithful recreation of analog spring reverb.Amplifikation Vermilion Supports various audio..
Brand: Kuassa Model: KuassaVVV
Legendary Signature Amp. Inspired by 5XXX series.  What are some numbers that are closely related to heavy music? Other than the number of the beast, it’s probably this sequence of numbers: 51 and 50.Taking its name from the signature of the legendary guitarist, an inventor who has inspire..
Brand: Kuassa Model: KuassaCerberus
The 3 Headed Bass Amp. Cerberus Bass Amplifikation is a three-channel bass amplifier Rack Extension/Plug-in that will deliver thundering lows straight from your computer. With it’s intuitive single screen interface whatever your playing stye is, pick or fingerstyle in any music you play, Cerber..
Brand: Kuassa Model: KuassaBassCrunch
Bass Tube Preamp FX EngineTube driven crunchy Bass booster. We put our proprietary third generation tube engine into a single effect unit created to add some spicy tone to bass instruments. Efektor Cruncher brings colors and flavors to enrich your bass and make it scream. Add bright to bite, glow to..
Brand: Kuassa Model: KuassaBassBundle
Bundle containing Efektor Bass Cruncher, Efektor Bass Driver, Efektor Bass Smasher.EFEKTOR BASS CRUNCHER PREAMPTube driven crunchy Bass booster. We put our proprietary third generation tube engine into a single effect unit created to add some spicy tone to bass instruments. Efektor Cruncher brings c..
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