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Brand: Sampleson Model: Samp1959
HIDDEN ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC PIANO.1959 is based on the Electro-Acoustic Piano patent (lifetime expired) registered in 1959. We brought it to life using Spectral Modeling. Sound can be described as CP80-like, but a bit more tuned due to the fewer number of strings.THE EXPERIENCE OF RECREATING A FORGOTTEN..
Brand: Sampleson Model: SampAKou
A new approach to sound design. We created spectrums for acoustic instruments to be accessed via additive synthesis. Akoustic gives you a very precise and obsessive way to create new sounds, allowing you to tweak every partial in a detailed way. Envelope, tuning, offset or gain for any partial are a..
Brand: Sampleson Model: SampAlien
Cinematic Sci-Fi Instrument with Mouse Gesture.ALIENIZE uses the mouse position over the screen to create and modulate sounds on the go, and also to publish it as an Automatable Parameter in your DAW. You can also choose to assign this parameter to a CC to operate it from your controller.ALIENIZE ha..
Brand: Sampleson Model: SampBrush
Brush Drums for Thinger Drummers.Brushify is the first brush drum kit created to reproduce pro drummers' techniques with your fingers. Based on advanced scripting and built upon sampling + modeling techniques. A dedicated keyboard layout will allow you to recreate brush drums playing techniques on a..
Brand: Sampleson Model: SampDrumbada
Polyrhythmic Cinematic Drums.Drumbada is a polyrhythmic cinematic drum engine equipped with 5 groups of 3 drummers each. It is based on the unique sound of the "Bombo Legüero," a rare South American bass drum that has never been deeply sampled before.Drumbada also introduces our Crew-playing algorit..
Brand: Sampleson Model: SampElectr
Rare Electric Piano.A superb electric piano from the '70s. It uses reeds struck by hammers and electronically converts vibrations transmitted to a transistorized amplifier. Sound can be described as a halfway between tines and reed, but with a vintage dirty touch.BETWEEN TINES AND REEDSA superb elec..
Brand: Sampleson Model: SamplNyl
The first Nylon-Electric-Piano based on Spectral Transformation.ElectroNylon: A never-seen-before instrument based on REAL-TIME SPECTRAL TRANSFORMATION that will allow you to go from a Nylon Guitar to an Electric Piano in real-time, just moving a slider. Luthier SeriesThe spirit behind the Luth..
Brand: Sampleson Model: SampFire
Spectral Modeled Piano Bass.Heavily used by many bands on live shows, Piano Bass is an icon of the rock and funk music. We recreated it using Spectral Modeling, we brought to life every single mechanical noise and main timbre. No velocity switching since is not sample-based. Real sound and feel of t..
Brand: Sampleson Model: SamplGlas
20 Digital Electric Pianos in one Glassy is an EP module (+ pads) inspired by the lovely Digital Electric Piano sounds from the late '80s and '90s. Recreated by spectral modeling, offer 20 studio-quality Digital Pianos in only 35MB.There are no '90s without these sounds. And we brought them bac..
Brand: Sampleson Model: SampHaptic
Turn any object into a percussion instrument.Make everyday objects (such as a jar, a plate or anything you want) sound like a conga, a djembe or any other percussion instrument. Haptic Perc is a cutting-edge plug-in that uses microphone input to excite physical percussion models. Creating a han..
Brand: Sampleson Model: SampKlavee
Rare Czech Electric Piano, restored..Klavee is the virtual restoration of a gem: the Czech Klaviphon. A plucked electric piano manufactured in the '60s in the Czech Republic. There's no other Electric Piano like this one, and it's never been recreated into a virtual instrument, until now. A rare-pie..
Brand: Sampleson Model: SampMarkus
Spectral Modeled Stage 88 EP.The first Spectral Modeled Electric Piano based on real samples entirely rebuilt by modeling. Offers the real sound and feel of a Stage EP in only 25 MB.DECODING THE ELECTRIC PIANO GENOMEEvery sound in nature is a complex spectrum of harmonics. The combination of those h..
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