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Brand: Audiofier Model: AudBlent1
Earth Shaking Low End. Blent 1 is the first chapter of our Blent series, designed to enhance your music composition with deep, evolving, and solid sound sources. We focused on capturing low sustaining sounds such as double basses, drones, bassoons, tubas, seven-string guitars, and synths. ..
Brand: Audiofier Model: AudBlent2
Four Layers of ear-tingling Hybrid Strings, Woodwinds, Synths and designed sounds, processed to add sparkle to your tracks.Blent 2 is the second installment of the Blent Series, specifically designed to cater to the high end of the audio spectrum. It features a vast sample pool that will infuse your..
Brand: Audiofier Model: AudBlent3
The perfect tool for adding suspenseful and gripping moods to your compositions. Blent 3 explores the world of aleatoric music, where elements of chance and performer determination come into play. Blent 3 offers an extensive range of dissonant and tone-bending recordings. Tension plays a crucia..
Brand: Audiofier Model: AudBlent4
The must-have tool for film composers and sound designers looking to create low-end tension and enhance the mood of their projects.With a wide variety of unsettling, noisy, rumbling drones, Blent 4 delivers the perfect sound to add a sense of dread to your film sound design or music composition. the..
Brand: Audiofier Model: AudBlent5
The ultimate tool for adding depth and glue to your musical arrangements. Inspired by the concept of “padding” in orchestration, this collection of pad sounds will elevate your cinematic, ambient, and even pop tracks to new heights, adding depth and richness to any arrangement.Whether you’re wo..
Brand: Audiofier Model: AudModus
Playable Ambient, Cinematic Electric Guitar. Modus & Forma – Ambient Electric is extremely versatile thanks to the wealth of articulations, layers and effects included in one single instrument.Modus & Forma Ambient Electric does not include only one guitar, nor two! It includes 12 diffe..
Brand: Audiofier Model: AudPragma
PRAGMABEAT can be a very deep library, full of features, but it is also very straightforward if used at its basic functionality. PRAGMABEAT sounds structure includes 4 HITS layers (interchangeably called KITS or KIT PIECES) and 4 LOOPS layers. HITS are single sounds that can be sequenced (snare hit,..
Brand: Audiofier Model: AudTetr
TETRALITY produces incredible combinations of acoustic instruments patterns which follow your chords. With 20 organic multi-sampled instruments and 4 layers, TETRALITY provides endless gorgeous arpeggiations and sequences arrangements which will beautify your tracks.TETRALITY sports four sound layer..
Brand: Audiofier Model: AudVevMorph
Morphing Soundscapes.In Veevum Morph the sound sources can be grouped into two sets of sounds, A&B, which the user can transition to and from in many creative ways to achieve even more unexpected variations, motions and evolutions that keep music alive and exciting.VEEVUM MORPH provides pads, so..
Brand: Audiofier Model: AudSynMod
Fusion of Mellotron and Modular Sounds.While their predecessors make use of short or long sustains samples, VEEVUM SYNC instruments make use of audio loops, which will sync to your HOST tempo.Travel through timeTo assemble the pool of sound sources included in VEEVUM SYNC MOD-TRON, we experimented w..
Brand: Audiofier Model: AudVevSyn
Powerful Synth Veevum Style.VEEVUM SYNTH offers 99% of the functionality of all the other Veevum instruments. However, at its core, it is fundamentally different in that Veevum Synth does not use samples of audio recordings. Instead, Veevum Synth uses 80 single-cycle waveforms, allowing the user to ..
Brand: Audiofier Model: AudXty
In a generation of producers who make extensive use of loops in their music, there might be a sense of stale productions. Musical loops can be pitch-shifted and time-stretched, but they can’t follow your music. Your music ends up following the loops. One can cut, splice, mangle, edit loops to make t..
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