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Xhun Audio ShineVerb
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Brand: Xhun Audio Model: XhunShiVrb
Creative Reverb ProcessorShineVerb is a creative tool specially designed for reverberation, spatialization and sound coloration purposes. This multi-device effects processor is composed by a set of modeled analogue gears and digital devices, arranged inside a rack-mount cabinet and accessible throug..
29.00€ 65.00€
Brand: 2nd Sense Model: 2ndAR
An algorithmic reverbAlgoReverb is an algorithmic reverb with sophisticated delayline designs. The original design is to resemeble a classic hardware algorithmic reverb designed around the 80s.Compatibility MAC OSX    WINDOW Windows RequirementsHost application compatib..
Brand: Accentize Model: AcctzCham
Imitate any reverbChameleon is an intelligent audio plugin which uses artificial neural networks to estimate and model the exact reverb content of any source recording. You can build a reverb profile in seconds and easily apply it to dry studio recordings.Intelligent AlgorithmBy using recent machine..
Brand: Baby Audio Model: BabBund
Complete Baby Audio CollectionDiscover seven focused and elegant plugins by New York-based company, Baby Audio. Each of their plugins has been designed to be a one-stop solution that you'll instinctively reach for whenever you need creative delays, parallel compression, tape saturation or an injecti..
Brand: Baby Audio Model: BabCry
Next-Generation Algorithmic ReverbCrystalline is a new, state-of-the-art, reverb plugin with a pristine and modern soundGives you unprecedented creative control to shape your reflectionsLets you sync reverb start and decay times to your song’s tempoAn evolution of classic 20th century studio reverbs..
Brand: Baby Audio Model: BabSpout
Combination Reverb & Delay FX UnitSpaced Out is a lush wet-FX generator, built for sending your sounds and vocals into weightless, heavenly orbit. It combines a crystalline reverb engine with a wealth of modulation options and a 16-step delay sequencer. In total, more than 50 individual effects ..
Brand: Blue Cat Audio Model: BCALateRpl
The Creative Delay & Reverb WorkstationBlue Cat's Late Replies is a powerful delay, reverb and multi effects plug-in that can be indefinitely extended by hosting third party VST, VST3 or AU plug-ins anywhere in the signal path.With its unique topology, the plug-in is a full-featured delay machi..
Brand: Blue Cat Audio Model: BCAPacWrx
The virtual patchbay for audio plug-insBlue Cat's PatchWork is a universal plug-ins patchbay and multi FX that can host up to 64 VST, VST3, Audio Unit or built-in plug-ins into any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) in a single instance, with both serial and parallel routing options.It is possible to c..
Boz Digital Labs ReCoil
-81 %
Brand: Boz Digital Labs Model: BozRecoil
ReCoil gives you the authentic sound of real spring reverbs without the hassle, noiseor limitations.Spring reverbs have always had a bit of a sketchy reputation in the music world.What makes ReCoil special?Tweakability: What’s the point of a plugin if you can’t tweak it? ReCoil lets you choose which..
19.00€ 99.00€
Brand: D16 Group Model: D16Spacrk
Reverb from real-world spacesThe hybrid algorithm at the heart of Spacerek fuses modeled virtual spaces to a dynamic delay network, generating reverb tails with supremely realistic early reflections, dense, colorful late reflections, and separately adjustable ER and LR pre-delay times. Dozens of emu..
Brand: D16 Group Model: D16Toravrb
Space Modulated ReverbToraverb 2 by D16 is a Space Modulated Reverb and the second generation of D16’s first FX plugin from the SilverLine Collection series. Toraverb is not inspired by any reverb device available on the market and does not try to reproduce any specific classic reverb type. D16's ma..
Brand: DDMF Model: DDMenvlp
True stereo reverb pluginThe creation of this true stereo reverb effect started with the observation that somehow, whenever I’d use one of the existing reverb plugins, the sound was never quite ‘there’: many of them did sound quite good when used with a solo vocal or instrument track, but in a mix c..
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