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D-Fused Sounds

Brand: D-Fused Sounds Model: DFS189
D-Fused Sounds are proud to release "Aural" , an eclectic collection of downtempo sounds for modern producers looking for fresh and inspirational material to add in their Lofi HipHop and Electronica, Chill Hop and Ambient Projects."Aural" adds to your collection some flexible cross-genre prduct..
Brand: D-Fused Sounds Model: DFS186
D-Fused Sounds are proud to release "Bloom", a multi genre collection for the Serum virtual synthesizer, designed to cover a large spectrum of music styles. This selection includes sounds ranging from classic pads and 808's to more abstract leads and experimental keys and can be used in&nb..
Brand: D-Fused Sounds Model: DSF185
D-Fused Sounds are proud to release "Dynamic House & Techno" , an essential collection of Drum Racks, Effect Racks, MIDI and one shot samples for Ableton Live 10.Dynamic House & Techno for Ableton not only fit in music styles like house and techno but also in minimal, deep and chicago h..
Brand: D-Fused Sounds Model: DFS161
D-Fused Sounds are proud to release "Essential for OMNISPHERE", a finest collection of 50 presets loaded with powerful and eclectic sounds for the Omnisphere vst."Essential" includes everything from basses, guitars, bells, synths, keys and pads designed utilizing the  Omnisphereís powerful synt..
Brand: D-Fused Sounds Model: DFS160
D-Fused Sounds are proud to release "Infinite Color Vol 5", a fresh palette of presets for Retrocolor RC-20 specifically targeted to add texture and originality to your drums and melodies sounds."Infinite Color Vol 5" is perfect for add character and color to any kind of music and you can apply thes..
Brand: D-Fused Sounds Model: DFSMixBA
D-Fused Sounds are proud to present "Mixture for BA-1" , our collection of sounds in various styles for the first synthesizer from Baby Audio, the BA-1.This collection includes 80 presets for BA-1 and is designed to offer you a varied palette of sounds that will suite in every kind of musical projec..
Brand: D-Fused Sounds Model: DFSMonstalgic
Unleash your creativity with Monstalgic, our new and inspiring production-ready soundset for Minimonsta2! D-Fused Sounds are proud to release "Monstalgic", a slick selection of 60 presets for the new and awesome Minimonsta 2 from GForce Software.Monstalgic offers a wide spectrum of tones, from ..
Brand: D-Fused Sounds Model: DFSPTTechno
D-Fused Sounds are proud to release "Peak Time Techno" , our latest collection specifically designed for Techno producers who are looking for sounds of big impact.From hard Techno kicks, dark drones and pads to syncopated basses and tinkle hats, you'll find the solid foundation for your memorable Te..
Brand: D-Fused Sounds Model: DFS173
D-Fused Sounds are proud to release the brandnew "Polyedrik", a multi genre soundset for Diva that offers analog, modeling and digital sounds in a large collection of 100 presets that can be used in any modern electronic music.Dark, vintage, experimental, in "Polyedrik" you will find a variety ..
Brand: D-Fused Sounds Model: DFS177
D-Fused Sounds are proud to release "Raw Vibes for SERUM" , an awesome collection of presets for the Serum soft synth."Raw Vibes for SERUM" is loaded with a huge selection of 50 Serum Presets, broken down as 10 Bass, 10 Pads, 10 Stabs, 10 Leads and 10 Synth Presets, perfect for genres like tech..
Brand: D-Fused Sounds Model: DFS184
D-Fused Sounds are proud to release "Stratus", a multi genre sound expansion for Softube Module 72, ready to deliver some authentic analog sound into your music."Stratus" includes 50 total presets divided into 20 analogue style bass presets, 20 overdriven lead presets and 10 unique synth presets off..
D-Fused Sounds Tech-House Fragments
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Brand: D-Fused Sounds Model: DFS259
D-Fused Sounds are proud to release " Tech-House Fragments", an inspirational collection that will provide fresh ideas for you latest tech productions.This pack is perfect for house, tech-house, deep, minimal, techno and offers a wide range of loops which are all set up for instant creativity: from ..
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