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Software Effects

Brand: Xhun Audio Model: XhunWChant
Sound Effects Generator Plugin WindChant is a procedural audio simulation of the fluid dynamics underlying the natural wind action.Naturally born for music, live events, film, tv and entertainment productions, WindChant is based on a complex and powerful stochastic engine - it does not use samp..
Brand: Air Music Tech Model: AirFlavor
The sound of 30 years of retro sampling for your daw.Introducing Flavor Pro, AIR's brand-new flagship lo-fi multi-effects plugin, designed to manipulate samples, melodies, loops, and instruments to the extreme for today’s modern lo-fi sound. Flavor Pro transforms your effects experience into a whole..
Brand: Air Music Tech Model: AirFlex
Unleash Your Creativity.Akai Pro, the legendary music production brand, are proud to present Flex Beat - the ultimate rhythmic tool, giving you complete control over the timing and groove of your music. Flex Beat lets you create beat chops, DJ-style scratches, Trance gates and reverse or half-time y..
Brand: Audiaire Model: AudNxx
A powerful Multi-FX processor with dedicated parameter sequencer and 30 effects types.With Nuxx you can explore endless possibilities by modifying each effect parameter in its own independent sequencer lane. Choose from filters, delays, reverbs, distortion, pitch shift, bit crusher, phaser, chorus, ..
Baby Audio Atoms
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Brand: Baby Audio Model: BabAtoms
Synthesis From The Other Side. Atoms is a new kind of synth plugin that uses cutting edge physical modeling to generate an endless variety of organic and otherworldly sounds. Use it to build rich and alive textures the world hasn’t heard before.Complex Physics In A Simple PackagePhysical modeli..
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Brand: Baby Audio Model: BabTransit
An FX plugin that’ll give your mix transitions super powers. We teamed up with Andrew Huang to create Transit: An FX plugin that’ll give your mix transitions super powers. Use it for build-ups, drops, punctuations, risers and sweeps – and keep your listeners constantly engaged.AN EASIER WAY TO ..
Brand: BOOM Library Model: BoomDebi
Automated Bird Noise Removal DEBIRD automatically recognizes bird noises in your recordings and removes them with surgical precision.THE PROBLEMMeet the involuntary #1 enemy of recordists and editors alike: Birds.While their lively and delightful song is a true asset in nature ambiences, it rui..
Brand: BOOM Library Model: BoomEnf
Your All-New Sub-Bass Power House ENFORCER, a bass plug-in that adds irresistible punch, powerful body and a rigorous low-end bass impulse to your samples.You can heavily beef up sounds or add only a hint of weight. You can use it as a kick-drum synth, exchange kick drum tails and tune them eas..
Brand: BOOM Library Model: BoomEnrg
Highly addictive multi-modular FX processing toolENRAGE is a highly addictive multi-modular FX processing tool that opens up unlimited possibilities in how you tweak and process your sounds. It will easily handle your daily FX plug-in needs but will also introduce you to a world of insanely wicked s..
Brand: BOOM Library Model: BoomGrip
Gives you the edge in vehicle sound designDesigning vehicle sounds for motion picture? Done with the engine? Let’s tackle the other 50% – tyre, wheel and chassis interactions.Create highly dynamic and authentic skids, bumps, friction, rolling noise and much more with a high variety of wheel configur..
Brand: BOOM Library Model: BoomLifX
Awe your audience with Risers, Build-ups, Drops, and More Risers, build-ups, breaks, downlifters, swells, sweeps, falls – it has never been so easy to hype your audience with a beat drop. Forget samples, just turn the knob or let liftFX even do that for you, automatically, in beat sync at the l..
Brand: BOOM Library Model: BoomRec
The Instant Stereo Fix ReCenter automatically repairs off-center stereo recordings while keeping the original stereo width which makes it an invaluable time-saver and a perfect tool for professional post-production. Fix off-centered stereo field recordings, dynamically center vocal artists or m..
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