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Brand: Tek'it Audio Model: TekArp
6-mode MIDI arpeggiator. Arp-EG classic is a MIDI arpeggiator, play arpeggios on all your instruments. All the VST instruments you like and even your hardware synth (using your DAW MIDI out) can now play arp sequence with Arp-EG.FeaturesSix arpeggio playback mode.Shuffle and Gate length control..
Brand: Tek'it Audio Model: TekBDS2
Multi-Effects Distortion Plug-In. Badass multi-effects distortion plug-in, give to your sounds a little bad grain or destroy them completely with the help of twelve effects available simultaneously, including two distortions, pre and post filters, a lo-fi resampler, a bit degrader, a pitch-shif..
Brand: Tek'it Audio Model: TekComp
Modern easy to use compressor. Comp is a modern compressor that provides powerful visual tools to help you better control and visualize the dynamics applied to your sound.Use Comp for anything from adding a snap to your snare drum or a punch to your bass line, to totally morph your kick drum.Fe..
Brand: Tek'it Audio Model: TekDigitD
High quality overdrive distortion.DigitD creates soft to extreme distortion helped by the "Drive" control to add up to 100dB of overdrive. Especially effective on kick drum and bass sounds, DigitD can be used on a variety of other sounds thanks to its ZDF pre-filter to bake your perfect tones.The in..
Brand: Tek'it Audio Model: TekDLr
Pattern controlled delay plug-in.DlayR is a pattern controlled delay effect plug-in that can be used to create delay, stutter and filter effects sync on the beat of your track.Control six parameters on 16 step sequencers, feedback, color, mix, delay length R/L and time. Mix 3 filter types to color y..
Brand: Tek'it Audio Model: TekDub
Siren Synthesizer.DubSiren recreate the siren sounds made famous by Jamaican sound systems. Create fat siren sound with full control over the sound and the help of the delay effect and the hard clipping distortion.FeaturesSiren synthesizer with full control under the sound.Seven modulation waveforms..
Brand: Tek'it Audio Model: TekEQF8
EQF8 is a semi-parametric 8 band equalizer for mixing or mastering. EQF8 keeps the character and nature of your sound that makes it the ideal EQ for a wide range of applications.EQF8 clarity produce brilliant result on individual tracks, groups and for mastering. Each band offers center frequency, g..
Brand: Tek'it Audio Model: TekEPQ8
A fully parametric 8 band equalizer.  EQP8 is a fully parametric 8-band equalizer for mixing, mastering and sound design, with fixed center frequency ranges to give you higher precision. EQP8 keeps the character and nature of your sound that makes it the ideal EQ for a wide range of applic..
Brand: Tek'it Audio Model: TekGattr
32-step Stereo Gate Effect sequencer. GattR is a sequenced stereo gate effect that help you create cutting-edge stereo gate, chop, fade effects synchronized on the beat of your DAW with the 32 steps modulation sequencers.Features32 steps stereo modulation sequencer, synced to your hostSequencer..
Brand: Tek'it Audio Model: TekGeno
Genobazz Pro is a monophonic bass synthesizer plug-in, designed to be simple to use, for all your bass need, from simple bass, drum kick and complex wobble to acid bassline.Genobazz Pro is designed to be as simple to use than Genobazz but with more control over your sound, better filters and a more ..
Brand: Tek'it Audio Model: TekKutter
Kutter 2 is a sequenced frequency cutter effect. It can be used to create trance gate effect, fading effect, chop the drums and a lot more with high precision. Kutter can also be used to modulate the effect with the step sequencer synced on the tempo of a DAW. Control the speed of the steps, ch..
Brand: Tek'it Audio Model: TekNeo
Phase distortion & subtractive polysynth. Neogen is a hybrid (phase distortion/subtractive) polyphonic synthesizer with sound morphing capabilities.Phase Distortion56 variation of waveform shapes and 4 modulation types.Sub OscillatorAdd the Square wave sub-oscillator to create massive bass...
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