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Brand: PSOUND Model: PSAccordina
Accordina is a free reeds instrument, similar to the harmonica. It borrows its chromatic keyboard (44 notes) from the accordion. PSound Accordina has been sampled up to 6 layers and 3 Articulations for more than 400 samples (300MB storage).FeaturesMarcel Dreux Instrument400 Samples>300MB Storage9..
Brand: PSOUND Model: PSBandon
Historic Bandoneon reproduction. Bandoneon consists of a philological reproduction of an historic Alfred Arnold Bandoneon made in Germany in the 50s! His typical sound is based on 2 reeds (Zinc) for each note. PSound Bandoneon has been sampled in 4 layers with 2 round robin for a total of 440 s..
PSound Gran Coda
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Brand: PSOUND Model: PSCoda
GRAN CODA is a new approach in making a virtual grand piano.For the first time a virtual instrument was created in collaboration with the manufacturer: Fazioli Pianoforti (Sacile, Italy).GRAN CODA was recorded in Sacile at the Fazioli Concert Hall and the piano was prepared by Fazioli technicians.Th..
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Brand: PSOUND Model: PSVinAccord
Vintage Accordion is a virtual instrument based on a vintage italian accordion made in Castelfidardo in the 60s years. It's a result of a deep study about its special sound. Almost 1300 looped waveforms for a total of 2GB of memory storage, 4 velocity layers and 2 round robin. A filter simulate the ..
Brand: PSOUND Model: PSVinElectr
Electric Piano Rhodes emulation. Vintage Electric is a reproduction of the vintage electric piano Fender Rhodes Mark I (1976) with a full range of dynamics (from soft to distorted sounds), release noise and pedal resonance. Automated controls let you modify the nature of sound (tines), key-off ..
Brand: PSOUND Model: PSWorldMusette
World Musette consists of a collection of musette sounds from all over the world: from America to Italy, from France to North Europe and more. The Musette Accordion Sound is based on 2 or 3 voices: the main 8" voice and 1 or 2 8" detuned voices. Each kind of Musette has its own detune values, from 4..
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