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Brand: Stagecraft Software Model: StageCrftComp
Versatile Professional Compressor with modes and presets for expanding/gating/limiting. Includes mid-side, ultrafast Attack/Release, side-chaining, input filtering, auto-release and auto-makeup.This is as feature rich as any of the well known and more expensive compressor plugins on the market, and..
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Brand: Stagecraft Software Model: StageCrftDsry
Disarray is directly inspired from the KAOSS pads of a couple decades ago. This simple controller allows you to manipulate multiple effects across and XY plane in startling and amazing ways. Perfect for slow builds, quick drops, effect riding, and soundscapes; this plugin gives you everything you ne..
Brand: Stagecraft Software Model: StageCrftEcho
EchoThief is a real-time reverb convolution plugin. What sets this plugin apart is its use of the EchoThief impulse response library. This library was created using custom, state-of-the-art signal processing technology that enables the recording of impulse responses in acoustic spaces that are too n..
Brand: Stagecraft Software Model: StageGltMcn
A simple plugin that captures all the features you’d expect from glitching plugin, with a simple to use interface and surprising depth.SYNCING & QUANTIZATIONOur Glitch Machine gives you precise control over the probability that a stutter will occur at any point in the measure. This gives you man..
Brand: Stagecraft Software Model: StageInf
Expand your soundscape to infinity. A sample-based synth designed for maximum expressiveness, Infinity Synth ships with high-quality sounds out of the box. Additional samples and patches can be auditioned and purchased directly from the synth, allowing you to create your own custom, infinitely large..
Brand: Stagecraft Software Model: StageCrftSSte
Simple Stems is a quick and easy way to decompose any audio into it’s constituent parts. The plugin uses the well established Spleeter algorithm by Deezer to deconstruct songs into 2, 4 or 5 stems. The results are stunning, though more complicated mixes and live recordings are not always perfectly d..
Brand: Stagecraft Software Model: StageCrftUnivPl
Stagecraft Software Universal PluginEver get a new DAW you really, really liked, only to realize it won’t host the plugins you want to use?We’re talking to you …- Logic Pro (loads AudioUnits but not VSTs)- ProTools (loads only it’s own format – AAX)- Bitwig (loads VST but not AU)- GarageBand (loads ..
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