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Brand: GoranGrooves Model: GGFlamPerc
Percussion made famous by Flamenco music but increasingly found in popular music. Authentic, natural-sounding Flamenco percussion instruments at your fingertips.Introducing Handy Drums FLAMENCO PERCUSSION, the award-winning virtual instrument that is easy to use, affordable, and sounds great ri..
Brand: GoranGrooves Model: GGJazzST
Ideal when you need more subtlety and rich musical-sounding drums. Jazz Standard is an open, naturally-sustaining drum set with plenty of warm mid-range.Let’s be honest. If you hire someone like Bill Stewart or Brian Blade to lay down your Jazz tracks in a high-end recording studio, you’ll achieve t..
Brand: GoranGrooves Model: GGJBon
The “Bonham” drum sound is characterized by large, open drums captured in a realistic way.These drums sound HUGE, well-rounded, and tonally balanced. Snare has a woody sound with a musical “crack” as part of its natural attack. The 28" kick is so massive sounding that you can literally feel the whol..
Brand: GoranGrooves Model: GGPercDrums
Thumping drums and crisp percussion influenced and made popular by Latin music. A full suite of authentic Latin percussion instruments, captured in their natural realism and available to you in a straightforward GUI. Introducing Handy Drums LATIN PERCUSSION & DRUMS, the ultimate virtual ins..
Brand: GoranGrooves Model: GGMallets
Mellow, dark sound of mallets on drums is at your disposal with the simplest GUI. Presenting Handy Drums MALLETS – the unique virtual drum instrument that promises to take your tracks to the next level! With its softened and reduced high-frequency content, this instrument delivers a distinct so..
Brand: GoranGrooves Model: GGMetalST
Smashing and aggressive-sounding drums with lots of attack specifically produced for use in metal. Smashing and aggressive-sounding drums with lots of attack specifically produced for use in metal and similar music styles.When the style of music calls for lots and lots of double kicks playing a..
Brand: GoranGrooves Model: GGPopBrush
Ideal when you need something that is just “cooking” in the background, providing a discreet backing yet driving the beat forward with certainty. Brushes, by nature, provide a crisp, present top-end with reduced mid-range and plenty of natural body that gives them weight (think “smiley face”). ..
Brand: GoranGrooves Model: GGRockPWR
Massive, fat-sounding drumset for instant album-like results. Inspired by Matt Sorum’s drum sound on GNR’s ballads.The samples in this drumset had the natural room ambiance in addition to the highest quality reverb simulations carefully imprinted in them. The sound is ambient and perfect for sl..
Brand: GoranGrooves Model: GGRaggae
Meet Handy Drums REGGAE STANDARD: the best-selling drum plugin for Reggae music productions.This Reggae drum set was primarily influenced by the drum sounds from Bob Marley and the Wailers records. Recorded with modern equipment, it has a more transparent tone, giving even more post-processing optio..
Brand: GoranGrooves Model: GGRetro
Retro Custom drumset sound is dry, warm, punchy, deep with short sustain, and dry room ambiance.In the center of the kit is an ultra-deep 10-inch custom-made maple snare drum, dry and deep-sounding. Providing punch and warmth in the low end is the 18-inch kick. The toms are all single-headed with na..
Brand: GoranGrooves Model: GGRockST
If your life depended on your ability to produce a great-sounding, finished Rock drum track within 5 minutes, this plugin would ensure your survival.When you just want drums that “work” for rock music right out of the gate, this is the perfect sampled kit for you. Drop them into your rock production..
Brand: GoranGrooves Model: GGStudio
This versatile drumset can be used in a wide range of music styles from Pop, Rock to Country, Blues, and even Jazz. With their controlled yet punchy sound they are perfect for any studio recording.When you listen to some of the best-selling records from the ’70s, ’80s, and up to current times the ch..
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