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Brand: Air Music Tech Model: AirVocDist
Bring character to your vocal tracks.From subtle saturation to more extreme distorted effects, AIR Vocal Distortion is your one-stop shop for bringing character to your vocal tracks. Dial in warm tone reminiscent of a classic vintage mic pre, or crank the drive and slam it for a dramatic overdriven ..
Brand: Air Music Tech Model: AirDelayPro
Can Your Delay Plugin Do This.The team at AIR Music Technology decided to come up with a delay plugin that gave us all we ever wanted from a delay plugin, and then add some more stuff besides!For starters There’s modulation and LFO options. And a stereo widener… and some more EQ… and disto..
Brand: Baby Audio Model: BabCOme
Hands on delay for every flavorCreative and versatile delay plugin that lets you sculpt, shape and transform your wet signal Use it to add unique and beautiful delay/echo colors to your mixes – full of vibe and analog flavorDesigned as an ideal ‘go-to’ delay – with a pristine sound, flexible fe..
Brand: Baby Audio Model: BabCompleteBund
Complete Baby Audio PluginOur Complete Bundle offers a highly cost-effective way to get all of Baby Audio’s award-winning plugins.9x Transformative Mix EffectsAdd impact, life and color to your mixes with Transit, IHNY-2, Crystalline, Smooth Operator, Spaced Out, Parallel Aggressor, TAIP, Super VHS ..
Brand: Baby Audio Model: BabEssBund
Our Essentials Bundle offers six of our most popular plugins at an attractive price point.3x Creative Mix EffectsUse Transit to breathe new life and motion into your productions. Add all the punch you need with IHNY-2. Add beautifully lush and clean reverb spaces with Crystalline. Remove resonances ..
Brand: Baby Audio Model: BabSpout
Combination Reverb & Delay FX UnitSpaced Out is a lush wet-FX generator, built for sending your sounds and vocals into weightless, heavenly orbit. It combines a crystalline reverb engine with a wealth of modulation options and a 16-step delay sequencer. In total, more than 50 individual effects ..
Brand: Blue Cat Audio Model: BCALateRpl
The Creative Delay & Reverb WorkstationBlue Cat's Late Replies is a powerful delay, reverb and multi effects plug-in that can be indefinitely extended by hosting third party VST, VST3 or AU plug-ins anywhere in the signal path.With its unique topology, the plug-in is a full-featured delay machi..
Brand: Blue Cat Audio Model: BCAPacWrx
The virtual patchbay for audio plug-insBlue Cat's PatchWork is a universal plug-ins patchbay and multi FX that can host up to 64 VST, VST3, Audio Unit or built-in plug-ins into any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) in a single instance, with both serial and parallel routing options.It is possible to c..
Brand: Boz Digital Labs Model: BozImpDly
Versatile dual-layer delayImperial Delay is designed to be a fast moving, powerful beast of a delay. It gives you complete control over every nuance of your delay, but does so in a way that doesn’t get in the way of your creative side.Easy to use. Insanely powerful.Imperial Delay was designed from t..
Brand: Boz Digital Labs Model: BozProvct
Micro Pitch Shifter with Filters and MixEasy to use yielding great results quickly, ProVocative is a micro pitch-shift plug-in that’s light on CPU resources, heavy on sound quality, and features high- and low-pass filters for frequency-specific pitch shifting, along with track widening and independe..
D16 Group Repeater
-38 %
Brand: D16 Group Model: D16Rptr
Vintage Modelled DelayThe Delay is the ultimate creative tool for adding space, depth, and excitement to music. Repeater is a dual-delay powerhouse that features 23 unique, authentically modeled delay units ranging from classic oil cans and plates to the most famous vintage digital designs. At first..
55.00€ 89.00€
D16 Group Sigmund 2
-40 %
Brand: D16 Group Model: D16Sigm
Four delay units in one boxSigmund is far from just another delay: it consists of four discrete delay units, each with its own, independent set of parameters offering an incredible degree of sound-shaping freedom.There's an ancient saying, often attributed to Aristotle: The whole is greater than the..
59.00€ 99.00€
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