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Organic Instruments

Brand: Organic Instruments Model: OrgInstrArc
A virtuosic grand piano, exquisitely crafted with over 3600 samples. An exquisitely crafted grand piano plugin, meticulously recorded in the subdued acoustics of a private family lounge. Designed to perform with versatility — whether in a solo setting, or a larger ensemble — this grand piano ca..
Brand: Organic Instruments Model: OrgInstrAtmos
An ethereal, desirous collection of tuned field recordings.  Reconditioned environmental recordings with unpredictable, deeply textured & transportive layers of sound. Each note triggers tuned recordings, where the frequency for each key has been accentuated in sympathy amongst a bed o..
Brand: Organic Instruments Model: OrgInstElemnt
Make virtual instruments. Use them anywhere. Without coding. In minutes. Convert .mp3, .wav & .flac files into virtual instruments that work in any music or composition software. Elemental Studio is the comprehensive platform for creating any virtual instrument.Designed from the ground-up t..
Brand: Organic Instruments Model: OrgInstMelb
Manipulated acoustic recordings, revealing the inner murmurings of Melbourne.  Doctored downtown samples, derived from a celebrated Australian city. Industrial edges are softened by allusions to local wildlife, hinting at a dynamic space brimming with zest & verve. Every note reveals p..
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