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Brand: Audiowarp Model: AuwarBlos
Inspired by old tapes in the attic, the golden age of analogue synths worn down by the hands of time and a true love of pushing the boundaries of what analogue can do, Blossom by Audiowarp is the result of years of recording, re-recording and twisting countless numbers of vintage synths to produce s..
Brand: Audiowarp Model: AuwarBocs
BOCS (Boards Of Canada Synthesis) is a Kontakt library inspired by the electronic duo Boards of Canada.It's refreshingly different compared to previous efforts from various sample packs and vst synths. The Audiowarp prerequisite will always be that our samples are unique, top quality and highly..
Brand: Audiowarp Model: AuwarGas
Guitar Analog SynthesisGAS is a hybrid Kontakt synthesiser fusing together six-string electric guitars and analog modular effects. Every sound in the library has been recorded from real guitars ran through a complex sequence of tape machines, effects and pedals.The results are mesmerizing and unlike..
Brand: Audiowarp Model: AuwarRet
Boards of Canada Synthesis Retcon is the natural evolution of the BOCS series. It pulls together all three previous libraries along with a massive amount of new content to bring you the finest collection of ambient inspired sounds.More than just another sound library, Retcon is a uniquely desig..
Brand: Audiowarp Model: AuwarTap
Replay the PastTape XX features 37 live drum loops, 54 electronic drum loops, 54 drones and 44 individual sample loops consisting of pad, guitar, mallet, pluck, analog synth and bass sequences.With such a diverse palette of high quality sounds it's easy to create complete tracks with just Tape XX bu..
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