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Brand: Antares Model: AntaresArtclator
Digital Talk BoxArticulator is a modern digital version of the classic talk box, made famous on recordings by artists like Peter Frampton, Zapp, and Bon Jovi. Perfect for talking guitars, singing synths, and a wide range of special effects.The Sound of InformationExtract the formant and amplitude in..
Brand: Antares Model: AntaresAspire
Aspiration Noise ProcessorAspire is the world's first tool for modifying a voice's breathiness independently of its harmonic content. With Aspire, you can match a vocal quality to a performance style by decreasing or increasing a voice's natural breathiness.Manipulate aspiration noise to produce bre..
Brand: Antares Model: AntaresMutat
Extreme Voice DesignerMutator provides a combination of sound design tools for creating unusual and otherworldly voices.Generate alien, monster, and other unearthly voices with the ultimate vocal character design plug-in.Voices by DesignUse our unique throat modeling and pitch shifting technologies ..
Brand: Antares Model: AntaresSybil
Sybil​ is designed to tame excessive vocal sibilance (ess, tsss, ch, and sh sounds), with a flexible compressor and a variable-frequency high pass filter to ensure optimum de-essing for any vocal performance.The compressor​ section includes threshold​, ratio​, attack​ and release controls, and the h..
Brand: Antares Model: AntaresWarm
Nothing warms up a vocal track (or pretty much any track) like being recorded through a high quality analog tube preamp. And thanks to Warm, you can add this tube warmth to every track in your mix.Warm offers the choice of two different tube models. Velvet​ ​tube​ gives you the subtle effects of cla..
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