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Prime Studio

Brand: Prime Studio Model: PrimeSCariComp
Vintage style compressor/limiter. Caribou Compressor is a true stereo plug-in offering separately controllable compressor and limiter stages for left and right channels of your stereo signals. Set the harmonic distortion flavour by separately dialling the effect to taste for each channel using ..
Brand: Prime Studio Model: PrimeSFunk
Vintage console style channelstrip. Funkenschlag is a mono / stereo channel strip plug-in with three combinable tools that color the sound of your tracks.The first part is a preamp based on a German tube preamp from the 1950s. It is used for harmonic tube distortion and offers two filters for s..
Brand: Prime Studio Model: PrimeSPComp
Vintage 70s style compressor/limiter. Due to its characteristically sounding compression, one of the rarest and highest sought after tools in the analog domain has been model for Prime Studio® Compressor. Yet having an easy and fast to set up tool giving your tracks warmth and punch only v..
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