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Brand: Ina - GRM Model: InaCreaBund
INA-GRM have handpicked a collection of some of their most famous plug-ins. They can be used in a wide range of musical contexts in order to suit the various needs of mix engineers, sound designers and DJ’s.If you’ve never had the chance to work with these plug-ins in your field, you’ll definitely b..
Brand: Ina - GRM Model: InaTools1
Three GRM Tools bundles in one pack. Three GRM Tools bundles in one pack : GRM Tools Evolution, GRM Tools Classic and GRM Tools Spectral Transform.The CLASSIC BUNDLE contains the eight plugins that have made the GRM Tools reputation. Discover their new look and their new control modes.GRM ..
Brand: Ina - GRM Model: InaTools2
The four GRM Tools bundles in one pack. Find all four GRM Tools bundles in one pack : GRM Tools Evolution, GRM Tools Classic, GRM Tools Spectral Transform and GRM Tools Spaces.The GRM Tools Collection is an un-compared set of 18 amazing plug-ins that have been used by most renowned composers an..
Brand: Ina - GRM Model: InaClass3
Creative Sound Design Tools GRM Tools Classic is an inescapable bundle of eight audio plug-ins that offers powerful audio processing and creative sound design features.From subtle audio corrections to the most creative sound effects, GRM Tools classic have been used by renowned artists and soun..
Brand: Ina - GRM Model: InaEvoTools
Sound Design and Harmonic TreatmentsThe three new GRM Tools from the Evolution bundle let you enter in a new world of sound design and novel harmonic treatments: vocoder and evolutionary morphing, shifts filters, timbral glissandi, noising, etc.GRM Tools Evolution is perhaps the most original and un..
Brand: Ina - GRM Model: InaSpaces
Take command of your Aural SpaceGRM Tools Spaces contains 4 effective multi channel plug-ins that let you take control of how your sound sources move through the sound field whether it is a simple stereo file, a Multichannel setup or a multi-speaker diffusion network. It gives you the control over w..
Brand: Ina - GRM Model: InaSpecTsnsf3
Spectral Transform ToolsGRM Tools Spectral Transform (ST) is a bundle of four plug-ins that provides extremely powerful tools to transform deeply the spectral content of your audio material.Conceived and realized by the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (Musical Research Group) of the National Audiovis..
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