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Unearthed Sampling

Brand: Unearthed Sampling Model: UnSaUntiq
Antique Metal Percussion (AMP) is a very unique kontakt sample library which is derived from banging (lightly) on a handful of metal antique items.Some of the items heard in this sample library are “one of a kind” and include an old iron bedrail, a library book cart, an old seaside lantern from the ..
Brand: Unearthed Sampling Model: UnSaFe
Inspired by the tonal work of artist Jon Rose, we went out into the middle of nowhere in south Texas and took a cello bow to a handful of old barbed wire fences. The end results are delight fully spooky and perfect fodder for your next sci fi or horror score!These recordings are so hardcore, th..
Brand: Unearthed Sampling Model: UnSaEsp
Esper Synth sets out to accurately re-create some of the most iconic sounds heard from Vangelis' iconic Bladerunner score such as the awesome brassy lead and pad found in "Main Titles" and "Blade Runner Blues."This library was recorded from an actual CS80 synth, Vangelis' signature sound.Bladerunner..
Brand: Unearthed Sampling Model: UnSamForg
If you're familiar with classical pieces from Gygory Ligeti such as Lux Aeterna... then you already know what to expect with Forgotten Songs. This sort of ever evolving creeptastic choir vibe is the sound we were after for the library... albeit a bit more synthetic in tone. Through stretching,..
Brand: Unearthed Sampling Model: UnSaHam
The Hammer-On technique is usually utilized to bridge notes together... or for killer solos. For this library it is the sole articulation used and played on a stratocaster which has been cleanly recorded and multisampled.There are no loops here (save for one patch), each patch contains meticulously ..
Brand: Unearthed Sampling Model: UnSamInt
Inspired heavily by scores like Interstellar and Solaris, Interplanetary features cinematic multisamples taken from an antique glass bowl which have been turned into something otherworldly.For this instrument we struck the bowl with fingers, sticks, and mallets and each patch not only contains 6 rou..
Brand: Unearthed Sampling Model: UnSaLeB
The Legacy Bundle contains 9 Kontakt instruments designed for tension, scoring and sound design cues.Cinematic Tonal ViolinCinematic Tonal Violin is perfect for adding a very subtle (but tense) human element to your scores and is perfect for horror, drama, thriller, and action score writing. The vib..
Brand: Unearthed Sampling Model: UnSamSaw
SAWmonium brings you 10 very unique Kontakt patches which are, as usual, very cinematic in sound and geared towards the horrific, quirky, or even mysterious!We utilized a cello bow on the wood saw and hacksaw to create some very strange and unique FX sounds... some of which harken back to the odd FX..
Brand: Unearthed Sampling Model: UnSamSieg
Whether a dragon is attacking a town, or a squad of archers are releasing a hellfire of arrows on to a castle... SIEGE DRUM should be in your composing arsenal to help up the drama of your music!Our third release brings a cost effective set of cinematic / epic drum multisamples to your composing pal..
Brand: Unearthed Sampling Model: UnSamSpa
Creepy pads, ethereal tempo synced pulses (one of which is derived from the infamous Sputnik signal), as well as a Mission VOX patch which contains 22 choice bits of dialogue from NASA missions and various radio beeps and static one shots mapped to the lower octaves. All of the samples utilized were..
Brand: Unearthed Sampling Model: UnSaWi
The Shakuhachi Flute was originally introduced from China into Japan in the 8th century and underwent a resurgence in the early Edo Period. The shakuhachi is traditionally made of bamboo, but versions now exist in ABS and hardwoods. It was used by the monks of the Fuke school of Zen Buddhism in..
Brand: Unearthed Sampling Model: UnSaTeD
Tension Drums contains three action-packed, tension-filled metallic percussion Kontakt instruments.Sampled from various machine parts, metallic objects, tools and old mining equipment in a great recording environment these sounds are crisp and sharp and perfect for horror and tension filled hits and..
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