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Brand: Indigisounds Model: IndiCarribean
Chutney music & Tassa drum sample LibDerived from the influence of East Indian indentured labourers mainly from the Hindi belt to cultivate the sugar plantations after the emancipation of African slaves predominantly in Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, and Guyana.This sample library offered compri..
Brand: Indigisounds Model: IndiLav
Lavantille "Engine Room" PercussionIn Trinidad and Tobago’s rich musical landscape the rhythm section or ‘engine room’, as it is commonly referred to, is the group of percussion instruments that traditionally accompanied the steelpans, providing the pulse and rhythmic drive for the entire band. The ..
Brand: Indigisounds Model: IndiSoca
Trinidad and Tobago proudly boast that their Carnival is the best in the world. The main reason for this is … Soca!Created from a deep fusion of their rich East Indian and African native musical influences, this high-energy sound is the driving spirit for the country and all other Caribbean-themed C..
Brand: Indigisounds Model: IndiSteel
Authentic Trinidad Steel Pans SamplesIndigisounds Steelpan Samples was created in the Caribbean twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the birthplace of the Steelpan.This instrument is a quintessential symbol of West Indian creativity, and has become a medium for percussive expression globally..
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