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New Nation

Brand: New Nation Model: NNDreamScaps
Navigate Through The Matrix & Explore A World Of Sounds. Immerse yourself in a sonic universe where imagination takes flight and creativity knows no bounds. Blend an array of meticulously crafted sounds, transporting you to a realm where music and dreams intertwine. Explore a vast pale..
Brand: New Nation Model: NNNoker
Simple Drum & Bass Solution for Modern Music ProducersSimple & Unique Drum & Bass Sounds. The Noker - Drum & Bass Instrument VST will help you get the slapping drum sounds you're looking for!Noker is a Sampled Drum & Bass Instrument. We recorded multiple Drumsets & Percussion..
Brand: New Nation Model: NNPerGadg
Rhythm Generator. Step into the digital frontier with Perc Gadget, your essential piece of rhythmic technology. This one-touch rhythm generator transforms your beats, offering cinematic precision in a world where gadgets are indispensable. Craft unique drum and percussion loops effortlessly, as..
Brand: New Nation Model: NNRey
Layered Sampled InstrumentReiya is a Japanese word meaning “Layers” and is the perfect way to describe the best technique to use with this plugin. LAYERS ON LAYERS ON LAYERS! 4 of them to be exact. By allowing you to layer multiple sounds, you can have full control over your very own sound design an..
Brand: New Nation Model: NNPompl
Your Passport & Trusted Companion On A Sonic Odyssey Transcending Time Itself. Time Is The Canvas, Audio Is The MasterpieceStep into a realm where the boundaries of audio manipulation have been blurred, and the past, present, and future converge in a symphony of creativity. This versat..
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