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Brand: Audiomodern Model: AuModCjam
The Ultimate Real-time Compositional Assistant.  Chordjam is an innovative plug-in and standalone application that builds chords and progression patterns through intuitive user-guided randomisation."Create unique and complex chord structures and infinitely evolving progressions !"Users may choo..
Brand: Audiomodern Model: AuModFrm
Abstract Glitch Patterns.  Inspired by innovative artists such as Alva Noto, Ryoji Ikeda, Atom™ & SND, this pack delivers a distinct, avant-garde approach to electronic music sound design.An experimental playground produced to the highest standard which come as fully unlocked customizable p..
Brand: Audiomodern Model: AuModFrzr
Generate an infinite amount of rhythmic stutters with limitless creative possibilities.  Freezr is designed to capture, manipulate, and sequence audio in innovative and expressive way.Freeze segments of audio in real-time and arrange these frozen audio ``slices`` into a structured musical ..
Brand: Audiomodern Model: AuModLpRmx
Creative Loop Remixer Loopmix makes it fun and easy to instantly remix and rearrange your audio loops!It offers up an array of devices and processors that slice, dice, rearrange, pitch, reverse and remix loops in a truly innovative way.Load up to 6 loops and let Loopmix generate infinite loop v..
Brand: Audiomodern Model: AumodOrcl
Urban Trap Expansion.  A sonic palette featuring raw & visceral patterns designed for producers looking for an uncompromising & authentic urban trap sample library inspired by artists from the Trap scene.A collection produced to the highest standard which come as fully unlocked customiz..
Brand: Audiomodern Model: AuModPlay
World Smartest Groove Machine.Playbeat 3 creates infinite variations of grooves whilst staying true to its sense of creativity, inspiration, and momentum.Unlike other groove creators that are limited to one specific algorithm, Playbeat innovates by using advanced analysis algorithms to create or rem..
Brand: Audiomodern Model: AuModCom
Audiomodern's full Suite of Creative Audio & MIDI plugins.Combining advance technology and artistic sensibility it allows musicians, artists, and producer to push their creative boundaries and deliver innovative results. These products will provide endless inspiration for your next music pr..
Brand: Audiomodern Model: AuModRiff
The Smart MIDI Tool To Generate Riffs.  Introducing 'Riffer', a smart MIDI tool that generates musical riffs and sequences by combining pitch, duration, velocity & density. It can generate endless random riffs.You can generate fresh ideas, sequences, melodies, riffs and musical patterns, tu..
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