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Brand: Earmaster Model: EarMaster1yearAccess
The Complete EarMaster Training Tools for Mac, Windows and Mobile Devices.EarMaster is the perfect app to become a better musician. With 3500 exciting exercises for ear training, sight-singing practice, rhythm training and vocal training.EarMaster will enable you to reach the highest levels of music..
Brand: Earmaster Model: EarMaster
The Number 1 Music Theory Trainer for All MusiciansEarMaster Pro 7 is the easy, motivating and efficient method to become a better musician. With its 2500+ exciting exercises covering all the core aspects of ear training, sight-singing and rhythm training, EarMaster will lead you on your way to..
Brand: Earmaster Model: EarMasterVtrain
200 exercises to become a better singer. Vocal Trainer is an add-on course for EarMaster 7. It offers a complete set of progressive vocal exercises that will help you become a better singer on your Windows or Mac computer.The exercises in this course cover:- Vocalizes- Scale singing- Interval s..
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