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Brand: Initial Audio Model: IniT808S
808 Bass Synth.  808 Studio 2 was designed for cutting edge quality 808 sub bass. Perfect for hip hop and trap or any genre that requires a hard hitting bass synth.With 808 studio 2 we went one step further by adding advanced features such as drag and drop modulation for advanced synthesis..
Brand: Initial Audio Model: IniTAnPro
Lo-Fi Effect Plugin. Analog Pro brings to life your digital audio by simulating the way Analog hardware such as tape machines, valves and vinyl turntables warm-up and saturate your audio. We recreated the imperfections of playing back audio from a Tape or a turntable via the Wow and Flutter con..
Brand: Initial Audio Model: IniAR1
High-Quality Algorithmic Reverb Plugin. AR1 is an algorithmic reverb plugin designed to sound great on all types of instruments. AR1 sounds amazing on Pianos, Bells, Guitars, and Vocals, but also on more synthetic sounds like Synthesizer leads. Initial Audio have tweaked and tested for thousand..
Brand: Initial Audio Model: IniBoost
Dynamic & Smart Saturation / Overdrive Plugin. Boost X is a dynamic and smart Saturation/Overdrive plugin. Used to make any sound warmer by adding extra harmonics.Many other Saturation/Overdrive plugins use a static (stateless) algorithm that doesn’t change depending on the audio passed thr..
Brand: Initial Audio Model: IniTDDL
Dynamic delay plugin.   Dynamic Delay is exactly what it says, a Dynamic Delay Plugin. It has an internal side chain which ducks the loudness of the generated delays. Once the input audio goes below the threshold the delays can be heard clearly. This is a trick many professional producers ..
Brand: Initial Audio Model: IniTDEq
Parametric equalizer with multi-band compression features. Dynamic Eq is a parametric equalizer with multi-band compression features. Each band has a built in compressor, precise frequencies can be dynamically cut or boosted by setting the threshold. A level meter is available for each band wit..
Brand: Initial Audio Model: IniTHeat3ST
Next Generation. Initial Audio proudly presents Heat Up 3. A major update to our hugely successful Heat Up 2 virtual instrument loved by music producers across the globe! The focus of Heat Up 3 is even better sound quality and much more expression to really bring out the best of each instrument..
Brand: Initial Audio Model: IniIala!
Designed to be super responsive.  Our IA-LA1 compressor plugin comes with a transparent algorithm that introduces no distortion or artefacts. But if colouration is required we have the THD control, which introduces a gentle dynamic distortion adding extra warmth and depth.IA-LA1 comes with..
Brand: Initial Audio Model: IniTMastS
Anyone Can Master! With our mastering plugin, mastering becomes as easy as 1-2-3. Simply adjust the loudness and finalize your track with the 3 band equalizer and stereo image controls. Sending out Songs and Instrumentals to clients, record labels, online stores and streaming services requires ..
Brand: Initial Audio Model: IniRev
Reverse Plugin. Reverse rewinds your mixes, instruments, vocals and even effect channels with up to 4 bars of length. Playback everything reversed with this easy to use effect plugin for windows and mac. Especially in modern productions such as Hiphop, Trap and EDM reverse can be a very interes..
Brand: Initial Audio Model: IniTSekt
Wavetable Synthesizer incl. over 750 unique factory presets. Sektor is a polyphonic wavetable synth plugin with a highly intuitive user interface and a lot of customization features. Sektor was built to use a low amount of system resources while having a massive high-quality sound.Advanced modu..
Brand: Initial Audio Model: IniTSlic
More Than A Loop Slicer.  Initial Slice is a loop slicer and beat making plugin. Load audio loops via drag and drop to slice, loop, reverse, pitch shift or even time stretch them. Initial Slice also comes with multiple built in piano rolls so you can create sequences right in the box. On t..
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