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Brand: Soundtrax Model: SndTrxboom
The Boom Chak is a classic analogue-style percussion synth with six editable drum instruments, a programmable rhythm sequencer, low and hi pass filters and six effects. Each drum sound has dedicated controls like volume, type, pan, pitch, decay, modulation or additional amount of noise, plus si..
Brand: Soundtrax Model: SndTrxDrpad2
Berlin-based Soundtrax and UK sound designers Sub51 have teamed up to create a new, intuitive and inspiring Drag 'n' Drop sample-based Kontakt instrument which allows dynamic blending of four imported custom sound sources to create multilayered complex sounds that morph and evolve in ..
Brand: Soundtrax Model: SndTrxDrpad2rhtm
Berlin-based soundtrax and UK sound designers Sub51 have created an intuitive and inspiring Drag 'n' Drop sample-based Kontakt instrument which allows dynamic blending of four imported custom sound sources to create multilayered complex sounds that morph and evolve in an organic way. This speci..
Brand: Soundtrax Model: SndTrxMnPol
The Minipoly synth contains raw analogue and tape oscillator samples, great filters and LFOs, a Step Modulator, a chord system,  an arpeggiator and eight effects.Minipoly's unique TAPE SAWs are long sawtooth waves recorded for each key on tape of a Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo. You can hear wow an..
Brand: Soundtrax Model: SndTrxSampl1
Sampler One transforms Kontakt into an early digital hardware sampler - with a much simpler workflow, more advanced tempo sync options and greater sonic flexibility, thanks to features like Drag'n'Drop sample import, auto pitch detection, TM-Pro time-stretch mode, eight excellent onboard effects and..
Brand: Soundtrax Model: SndTrxSeqOne
SEQUENCER ONE is a digital recreation of an 8-step CV/Gate sequencer classic: The rare SEQUENCER DRUM, produced by EHX during the early eighties. It's a little silver, black and green metal box with only one single square analogue oscillator, eight steps and a few simple controls for pitch, decay an..
Brand: Soundtrax Model: SndTrxWaveMstr2
Wavemeister is digital wavetable synthesizer taking full advantage of the latest Kontakt innovations, like Drag & Drop sample import and high quality onboard effects.Two independent wavetable engines and a sub oscillator are capable to produce a wide range of sounds - everything from raw and noi..
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